Covata Launches New Look and Multi-Tenancy for Safe Share

New Features Optimized to Give Telco Partners Secure, Easy-to-Use File Sharing and Storage Solution for Enterprises and Public Sector Organizations

SYDNEY & WASHINGTON--()--Covata Limited (ASX:CVT) today announced significant new upgrades to Safe Share, including new look and feel and functionalities that enhance data security and ease-of-use for customers and partners. The new version has been optimized to further SaaS (Software as a Service) enable Telco Partners with secure, easy-to-use file sharing and storage solution for their Enterprise and Public Sector customers.

Key Features of Safe Share 3.0

1. Multi-Tenancy: The new multi-tenancy feature makes it easier and more cost-effective for Telco partners to provision Safe Share to their global enterprise customers.

Multi-tenancy now features ‘HDFS’ allowing any enterprise tenant to define where data is stored through high-performance read/write capabilities to any storage location. This means that each tenant could mandate all Safe Share data be stored in a separate location inside the Telco data centre, or in a separate offsite altogether. It puts the enterprise in control of where its data is stored and separates it from the encryption key and access service, logically and physically.

2. Fingerprint View: This feature not only adds a watermark to a file (generic label), but includes a ‘fingerprint’ when opening a file in the Safe Share Secure Viewer. This offers an additional layer of traceability and closes the security loop and control on shared files.

Safe Share has offered Secure Viewer since mid-2014, which unlike less secure file-sharing applications, renders the file for users in Covata’s proprietary Secure Viewer. This allows for controls such as blocking ‘copy and paste’, download, and printing of file/content in the browser. The new fingerprint technology includes unique attributes of the person (identity), along with date and time and other information such as classifications (secret/top-secret) into the watermark. Consequently, it makes it substantially more difficult to photograph protected content without being able to trace the leaked data back to the Secure View it originated from.

3. General Improvements: There have also been improvements to the Instant Revocation feature that allows the originator of a file to ‘kill the file’. This feature allows any creator of content to login and revoke access to any Secure View that is active (and by default any future request to view). The practical application of this is where a file has been shared with many users who may all be actively viewing the file at once - for example a time sensitive release. Should the creator wish to ‘kill’ access, the Secure Viewer of all those user’s browser simply goes blank - without a refresh or any action by the user. This is another unique capability of the proprietary, upgraded, Secure Viewer and Fingerprint technology in Safe Share 3.0.

The user interface and UX received a makeover and comes with a fresh new look and feel. This has been done with the input of end-users, partners, and external design experts. Safe Share is now even more intuitive when sharing files and collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders. User-friendly icons and design of the application enables users to operate Safe Share with the ease of other consumer applications, but with the enterprise-grade security that Covata is known for.

Multi-tenancy and watermarking/fingerprinting join an already robust list of Safe Share features, including:

  • Read Only (Secure View)
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • One Key Per File
  • Real-Time Revocation
  • Complete Mediation
  • Browser-Based Encryption
  • File-Type Agnostic
  • Large File Sharing Capacity
  • Secure External Sharing
  • Auditability for All Users
  • Full Administrative Control

Safe Share 3.0 works on all commonly used browsers, and provides client applications for Windows, Macs, Android and iOS devices. Enterprise partners, or Telco’s, will now enjoy a richer experience with Safe Share across all of their devices, increasing productivity without sacrificing security.

“The security needs of our customers are constantly evolving. Today’s workforce handles sensitive data and transacts business using mobile devices, often outside the safety of their enterprise network, or outside the protection of their home countries data use laws. Safe Share was created to be device-agnostic, file-type agnostic, and network-agnostic, which means business can truly be done from anywhere, at anytime - with a kill switch tethered to the data at a anytime should the creator wish,” said Trent Telford, Covata CEO.

About Covata

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Media and Investor Relations:
Nikki Parker
Vice President Growth and IR
+1 571-353-4273


Media and Investor Relations:
Nikki Parker
Vice President Growth and IR
+1 571-353-4273