CORRECTING AND REPLACING World's Biggest Beacon Companies Flock to No. 1 Platform Unacast Unleashing Power of Proximity Data

  • Estimote, Signal 360, Mowingo and Urban Airship swell Unacast PROX Network to 25 PSPs and over 1m beacons globally
  • Signing at the rate of ten a month, Unacast is ahead of target to sign 100 by mid 2016 Unacast

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  • Estimote, Signal 360, Mowingo and Urban Airship swell Unacast PROX Network to 25 PSPs and over 1m beacons globally
  • Signing at the rate of ten a month, Unacast is ahead of target to sign 100 by mid 2016

The world's biggest beacon companies are leading the charge onto the Unacast PROX network, the number one platform connecting beacons and other proximity sensors to online marketing platforms, at scale, globally.

Estimote, Signal 360, Mowingo and Urban Airship are the latest major players to join, swelling the network to more than 1m beacons globally. With 25 companies already on board, and signing further partners at the rate of ten a month, Unacast is well ahead of target to sign 100 by mid 2016, cementing its number one status as the backend of all proximity data.

The full list of partners on Unacast PROX Network now is: Estimote, Sensoro, Urban Airship, Signal360, Mowingo, Tamoco, Total Communicator Solutions, Mobstac, Bluesense Networks, ZOS Communication, Pointr, BeaconsInSpace, Dot3, Sweetspot, FreshBeacons, Ebizu, ShopJoy, Fluxloop, Emplate, Nimble Devices, Abhrio, SmartFission, Oyalo, GEOConnect, Beekn4U, BubbleMe.

The agreement between these PSPs (proximity solution providers) and media platform Unacast, rapidly brings the world closer to a truly connected future in which people, places and objects are seamlessly joined up on and offline.

These industry leaders are highly aware that as the physical world around us becomes sensorized and the potential available data grows exponentially, so does the need to make this data useable and useful for retailers, brands and consumers. By joining Unacast PROX, they can stay ahead of the game, meeting client and consumer demand to deliver this utility. By being a part of Unacast PROX, the 25 PSPs are now able to offer Unacast's unique retargeting products to clients, giving them significant competitive advantage:

uRETARGET - is a ground-breaking solution allowing retailers and brands to retarget their own customers online to bring them back to store

uMONETIZE - as the market matures, real world behavioral data from beacons and other sensors can be monetized towards selected retailer and brands to generate new and robust revenue streams for those with beacon deployments

uNETWORK - By sharing anonymous subsets of data to the Unacast PROX network, clients get subsets in return, meaning they can understand customers' movements not only inside their own store but also in other physical locations, creating a far more complete picture

The ability to connect what customers do offline in the real world to what they do online – combining their physical and digital selves - means greater convenience, faster shopping, immersive experiences, more relevant communications tailored products and offers. Customers increasingly expect real time customized services and personalized interactions based on their interests through their smartphones, but the logical progression to convergence between physical and digital hasn’t been possible at scale until now.

On achieving this significant milestone, Thomas Walle, CEO and co-founder of Unacast said: “By providing what the industry needs to deliver on its potential, we have created amazing momentum and established the world’s number one network and aggregator of proximity data. Our partners know that by joining the Unacast PROX they have the competitive edge in the hunt for deals in a highly competitive field in which retailers and brands are becoming more demanding. The rest of the industry must not delay or the proximity boom train will leave without them.

Tanuj Parikh, Estimote Head of Business said:"Estimote is excited to work with Unacast. There's a lot of focus on the power of proximity and location intelligence technology to revolutionize real-world, in-person marketing but Unacast is one of the few thinking deeply about how that plays back into online advertising, in a manner is both responsible and engaging to consumers."

“Unacast offers a great example of how open data unlocks more value for brands and the customers that interact with them,” said Mike Musson, SVP of Strategy and Business Development, Urban Airship. “Using Unacast’s integration with Urban Airship Connect, brands can share anonymous, user-level location data to a global proximity network enabling more relevant digital advertising based on consumers’ offline behaviors.”

Daniel Dreymann, Mowingo CEO & co-founder commented: “Beacons have begun revolutionizing the retail arena, and immediate benefits can be drawn by retailers in their owned channel, i.e via a branded app used by loyal customers. But to maximize the effectiveness of proximity marketing, retailers strive to extend their reach. This is where aggregation via Unacast's PROX network will play a crucial role.”

Alex Bell, Signal 360 CEO & co-founder said: “The long term success of beacons and proximity marketing depends on companies connecting the simple use case of proximity push to the greater online and advertising ecosystems; Unacast helps Signal360 build that connection and serves to greatly increase the value of our offering”.


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World's biggest beacon companies including Estimote, Signal 360, Mowingo and Urban Airship flock to no. 1 platform Unacast unleashing power of proximity data on PROX network of more than 1m beacons


Veronique Rhys Evans, +44 7545 915 590