A Collection of over 1000 Types of Products Making a First Appearance in Taiwan
"Quintessential Japanese Product Expo 2015 in Far East Department Stores"

A comprehensive lineup of authentic Japanese cultural experiences including a tuna filleting event and rice cake pounding exhibition by sumo wrestlers

TOKYO--()--ZipanGood Inc. will hold "Quintessential Japanese Product Expo 2015 in Far East Department Stores" across three locations over 54 days between Friday, November 27, 2015 and Monday, February 1, 2016. Event locations planned are the Mega City BanQiao, Top City Taichung, and Hsinchu branch stores of the Far East Department Store.

Based on the slogan of "delivering authentic Japan to Taiwan," this first-ever Japanese product exhibition will be host to not only a wide variety of made-in-Japan products making their first appearance in Taiwan, but also a variety of events that will allow visitors to experience Japanese culture first-hand.

Over 1000 types of "kawaii," "oishii," and "omotenashi" products will converge here - concepts unique to Japan that are growing in popularity worldwide - and visitors will have the opportunity to purchase limited quantity products over the course of the event.

In addition, the weekends will feature programs designed to deliver an authentic experience of Japan's 'beauty', 'food', and 'skills' to people of all ages from child to senior. These are expressly designed to make Japan's culture easily accessible to anyone.

To kick-off the festivities, a culinary artist will fillet a Pacific bluefin tuna, which will be specially brought in from Amami Oshima island in Kagoshima. After being prepared by the artisan, the Pacific bluefin tuna will be cooked on the spot and offered with rice that will be cooked using delicious rice and water brought directly from Japan. On the day of the event, a limited quantity of 500 meals will be made available for purchase.

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OISHII Experience
• Tuna Filleting Event
Pacific bluefin tuna specialty restaurant: Kuromon
• Rice cake pounding exhibition performed by sumo wrestlers
Featuring sumo stables "Michinoku" and "Shikihide"
• Wanko Soba Tournament
Soba Noodle Restaurant "Azumaya"

• Koh-do (traditional incense-smelling ceremony) educational class

Koh-Do Ceremony Master and direct disciple of the Sanjonishi family Oie-ryu school of incense ceremony

• Metal-smithing experience

Kyoto Zuihodo

For realtime info visit: https://www.facebook.com/zipangood.official/

For event details visit: http://www.zipangood.jp/product/exhibition/taiwan2015/


ZipanGood Inc.
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ZipanGood Inc.
Ayaka Chiba, +81-3-6457-1771