Palm Beach Vapors Enters Health and Wellness Market with Launch of GNUPharma®

GNUPharma’s Versatile, PG-Free Vaping Alternative GnuVape® First in the Industry to Offer Medical, Nutraceutical Options

TULSA, Okla.--()--Recent studies have found electronic cigarettes to be up to 95 percent less harmful than traditional cigarette smoking, and millions of smokers worldwide have used them as a safer alternative to tobacco. With the launch of GNUPharma®, a research pioneer in the health and wellness market, the benefits to vaping now reach far beyond smoking cessation.

GNUPharma, a subsidiary of Palm Beach Vapors, the nation’s first vaping franchise, is proud to offer the industry’s first nutraceutical and medical vaping options. The adaptations are made possible through GNUPharma’s GnuVape® system, the proprietary liquid delivery method that offers consumers a safer way to vape a wide variety of enjoyable flavors backed by research and testing.

“GNUPharma promises to push the vaping industry in a radical new direction. When we developed GnuVape, we were focused on making a safer e-cigarette that removed the potentially harmful propylene glycol base and utilized a fully organic liquid delivery system. That technology revolutionized the industry. But, we knew the technology we developed had the potential to do so much more. So, for the last year, we’ve focused our research on adapting GnuVape to deliver critical medications, vitamins and nutrients to the body in faster, more effective way,” said GNUPharma and Palm Beach Vapors Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chip Paul.

Unveiled during the American Cancer Society’s 2015 Great American Smokeout, GNUPharma is designed to support a wide variety of medical, nutraceutical and probiotic uses. Through the GnuVape platform, oil-based and water-based medications, vitamins, and nutrients are safely turned into vapor, allowing nearly instantaneous delivery, without the time needed to digest medications or supplements taken orally. GNUPharma intends to register GnuVape as a medical device with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

All medical grade liquids used in the GnuVape system are built on a base platform of vegetable glycerin (VG), a common ingredient used in a wide variety of foods and medicines. The proprietary blend is used as a replacement for propylene glycol (PG), the base ingredient in traditional vaping systems. Propylene glycol has been criticized as potentially harmful to humans in large quantities, and remains at the heart of many debates over the safety of e-cigarettes.

“GnuVape made e-cigarettes safer by eliminating the potentially harmful components in traditional vaping systems. Now, GNUPharma is taking those benefits to the next level by giving patients a delivery option that targets delivery of a wide variety of essential oils and medications in a much more advanced way,” Paul said.

GNUPharma will service four separate markets through the GnuVape system: electronic cigarettes, cannabis, nutraceutical and medical. Each application is designed to work with most existing e-cigarette hardware, allows full control over concentration of product consumed during each vape, and operates on both an ‘oil phase’ and a ‘water phase,’ allowing a wide variety of product combinations. All GNUPharma products are also fully customizable, with the ability to hold a single type of oil or a variety of oils. Through GnuVape, users also have the option to control the level of nicotine they consume, or to fully remove it.

GNUPharma also holds a provisional patent on a novel cannabis oil extraction method designed for use in the GnuVape system. Traditional extraction methods involve heating the oil, which can damage or destroy some of the substances critical cannabinoids. GNUPharma’s proprietary method uses a naturally occurring substance known as d-limonene to help extract the oils naturally, without a heating element, through a safe process that ensures that cannabinoids remain intact.

“The vaping industry has faced growing criticism for relying on old technology that could be harmful to users,” said Paul. “GNUPharma has finally opened the door to a long overdue, healthier path through multiple applications, from safer e-cigarettes, to medical cannabis, and the emerging medical vaping market. The safe, fully customizable options we’ve developed through the GnuVape system set a new standard, and open the door to even more exciting advancements to come.”


GNUPharma is an industry leader and research pioneer in electronic cigarette technology, focused primarily on the emerging nutraceutical, cannabis and medical vaping markets. Founded in 2015 as a sister company to Palm Beach Vapors, franchising’s first e-cigarette and vapor retailer, GNUPharma seeks to redefine the industry through contemporary products and progressive research. GNUPharma’s proprietary products include GnuDust, M-System and GnuVape, the first vaping system built on a safe, medical grade vegetable glycerin base, eliminating potentially harmful chemicals used in traditional vaping systems. For more information visit


Palm Beach Vapors is franchising’s first e-cigarette and vapor retailer. Founded in 2013, the company has seen exponential growth that mirrors the country’s interest in kicking the smoking habit. Based in Tulsa, Okla., Palm Beach Vapors has franchises in Oklahoma, California, Florida, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Alabama. Palm Beach Vapors represents a true pioneering concept in a rapidly expanding space. For information about Palm Beach Vapors franchising opportunities, visit


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