Ebates.com Holiday Survey: Clothes Beat Tech and Star Wars as Top Gift Choice

Survey reveals that clothing, books and music are hot; Star Wars toys are NOT

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Ebates, a pioneer and leader in online cash back shopping, announced the first findings of its Holiday 2015 survey: “clothing or shoes” and “music and books” top the holiday gift wish lists of American adults and teens alike, above all other gifts, including technology and vacations.

The survey also revealed that mothers and significant others are the most difficult people to shop for.

Clothing is hot … Star Wars toys are not

Americans are hoping for the basics this holiday season: 69 percent of adults and 68 percent of teens said the gift they most want is clothing or shoes, followed by music and books.

37 percent of adults and 33 percent of teens are hoping for a ‘Laptop’ and a similar number are hoping for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

While 19 percent of adults would like to receive a Star Wars toy this year, only 9 percent of teens are hoping to see one under the tree.

What gifts do you want this holiday season?  

Percent of Adults
Who Said This


Percent of Teens
Who Said This

Clothing or shoes

  69 percent   68 percent

Music and books

  45 percent   51 percent



37 percent

  33 percent

iPhone or Samsung Galaxy

  35 percent   35 percent

A vacation


33 percent

  21 percent

Beats headphones

  25 percent   25 percent



25 percent

  18 percent

Apple Watch


24 percent

  14 percent
Fit Fitbit Activity Tracker   22 percent   9 percent

Star Wars Toys

  19 percent   9 percent

Many teen respondents also wrote in the survey that they were hoping for “makeup” and “cosmetics.”

Sixty percent of Americans aren’t being realistic about holiday budgets

29 percent of Americans plan to spend between $250-$500 on holiday gifts this year, 19 percent hope to spend between $100 and $250, and 6 percent plan to spend less than $100. Approximately 1-in-4 (29 percent) of Americans surveyed plan to spend between $500-$1,000 and 16 percent of Americans will go big this holiday season, with plans to spend over $1,000.

When asked who they’d be spending the most money on this holiday season, 40 percent of American adults said their children, 31 percent said significant others, and 16 percent said they’d be spending the most on their parents.

"Holiday shopping is a significant expense for most American families,” said Kevin H. Johnson, CEO of Ebates. “Ebates makes the holiday shopping experience simple and affordable for everything from clothing and shoes, to electronics, to books and music – and other popular gift choices. By using Ebates.com, families can be rest assured that they are getting great deals and cash back on items from their favorite stores, to really make the most of their holiday budget.”

Young and old alike find parents trickiest to shop for

American teens say Mom (25 percent) and Dad (27 percent) are the trickiest to shop for at the holidays.

American adults agreed, voting their Moms (22 percent), Dads (19 percent), and significant others (22 percent) most difficult to do holiday shopping for. When it came to those who are easy to shop for, surprisingly 93 percent of Americans said their bosses. 82 percent of adults and 77 percent of teens say they have no difficulty shopping for their siblings.

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Priti Khare, 310-935-2592