Solano Labs Announces Integration With AWS CodePipeline

New Integration Provides Accelerated Continuous Delivery on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Solano Labs, Inc., a leading provider of continuous integration and deployment solutions, today announced integration for AWS CodePipeline, a continuous delivery and release automation service that aids in smooth deployments. Utilizing Solano CI’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) continuous integration platform on AWS CodePipeline, developers can quickly and easily set up build and test workflows without manually provisioning an on-premises Jenkins cluster.

Many software developers have cobbled together inefficient, homegrown testing methods during their development processes. Prior to AWS CodePipeline, organically building a software release process required bringing together multiple third-party tools into a release automation workflow with no centralized dashboard or UI. AWS CodePipeline provides developers with a single platform to model the different stages of their software release process through an intuitive graphical user interface. Third-party platforms such as Solano CI can easily be integrated during any step of the release process or they can elect to use AWS CodePipeline as an end-to-end solution.

By automating the continuous delivery and management aspect of the software development process, AWS CodePipeline allows users to focus on mission critical issues with fewer distractions on process, allowing them to bring products to market faster.

Solano Labs' integration with the Build stage of AWS CodePipeline provides a seamless turnkey solution for developers: all that is required is a few clicks on the AWS CodePipeline console to connect a source code repository with Solano CI. The alternative of setting up a Jenkins cluster can be a much more involved, costly and time-consuming process.

Solano CI integrates with AWS CodePipeline to build and test applications in a continuous integration process once a change is made to the source code repository. Once the Build stage is complete, Solano CI returns a result that is automatically posted on AWS CodePipeline and allows the application to proceed into the next stage of the release automation process. By harnessing its innovative, massively parallelized continuous integration system, Solano Labs offers industry-leading build speeds, ensuring that users of AWS CodePipeline can see build and test results faster and more effectively.

“We are honored to be the first hosted, continuous integration platform to integrate with AWS CodePipeline,” said William Josephson, president of Solano Labs. “Solano Labs provides powerful, scalable systems that enable software developers to reach an unprecedented level of engineering efficiency and quality. With this new integration, our customers can now use Solano CI on AWS CodePipeline to get software build and test results faster.”

“Development teams are moving to the cloud and adopting release automation processes that allow them to work quickly and reliably,” said Scott Wiltamuth, vice president of Developer Productivity and Tools, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “By automating release processes with AWS CodePipeline and Solano CI, teams can move faster, deliver higher quality software, and spend more time innovating on behalf of customers.”

Solano CI on AWS CodePipeline is available now. Documentation on the integration is available here, along with a demo video here. Find out more about AWS CodePipeline here.

About Solano Labs:

Solano Labs provides a blazingly fast solution for Continuous Integration and Deployment. Solano CI dramatically reduces testing time for our customers, enabling developers to focus on building and innovating instead of waiting for test builds to finish. By harnessing our innovative parallel optimization technology and our fully-managed cloud infrastructure, developers see test results 10 to 80x faster than existing solutions, saving time and money. With Solano CI, they can concentrate on creating software, not wrangling with test environments. For more information, check out and follow us on Twitter @SolanoLabs.


Solano Labs, Inc.
Leo Cheng, +1 415-684-8536

Release Summary

Solano Labs announces new Solano CI integration for AWS CodePipeline. Using Solano CI, developers can achieve accelerated continuous delivery on AWS, without the headache of setting up Jenkins.



Solano Labs, Inc.
Leo Cheng, +1 415-684-8536