RWC Group Taps Health Care Disrupter Redirect Health to Provide New, Innovative Health Care Delivery Solution for 625 Employees in Four States

Redirect Health’s Everyday Care plan offers entrepreneurial companies an alternative to traditional health insurance while significantly decreasing costs, increasing the quality of care

PHOENIX--()--In an effort to improve the quality of employee health care and protect employees from rising costs, RWC Group enlisted the help of Redirect Health, which offers entrepreneurial businesses affordable, high quality and federally compliant health care plans.

An alternative to traditional health insurance, Redirect Health’s EverydayCare™ plan falls under the self-insurance umbrella. In addition to meeting all Minimum Essential Coverage requirements stipulated in the Affordable Care Act, it addresses the majority of health care needs that people will encounter, such as treatment of coughs and colds, diabetes, asthma, pain and injury, and other common ailments.

RWC Group, an International commercial truck dealership focused on sales, parts and service, employs more than 600 people in Arizona, Washington, California and Alaska. It needed a health care solution that was easy for employees to navigate and helped lower claims and overall costs. The company opted for Redirect Health’s CareLogistics™ plan to complement a United Healthcare premium plan. When RWC employees need care, they can contact the CareLogistics team 24/7/365 to speak with a CareLogistics specialist who quickly evaluates healthcare needs, collects necessary patient information and identifies the most efficient and cost-effective route for treatment. The plan helps employees stay healthy while assuring superior performance and employee satisfaction.

"I've been concerned about my employees’ health care plans and their increasing costs," said RWC Group Founder and CEO Bob Cunningham. “Redirect Health not only has provided the care my employees need, but the CareLogistics™ process helps them better navigate the system and reduces the amount of time they’ll be away from work when health care issues arise. Plus, the health care savings are even serving as a recruiting tool. We can actually use Redirect Health to expand our business.”

With the new plan, Redirect Health predicts RWC Group will save between 5 and 15 percent of total health care claims costs.

Redirect Health recently provided RWC Group with a free, on-site health screening clinic at its Arizona headquarters. Employees received glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure checks, as well as flu shots, from the convenience of their workplace.

“We make healthcare work for businesses, providing an outrageous advantage to entrepreneurial organizations that think they can’t afford the quality care their employees need,” said Redirect Health Co-founder Dr. Janice Johnston, who provided medical services at the recent clinic. "Our CareLogistics team essentially provides employees with a doctor in their pocket, reducing some 60 percent of in-person visits.”

Redirect Health’s CareLogistics plan costs $35 a month per employee, while the company’s EverydayCare plans start at less than $100 a month per employee – a cost that can be covered by the business or employee. Redirect Health is able to keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of care because it ‘redirects’ a patient’s health care to find the most efficient and cost-effective services available. When patients need basic care, they contact a Redirect Health CareLogistics specialist who can quickly evaluate their needs and identify the most effective and efficient route for treatment. For instance, a procedure that costs significantly more at a hospital can be redirected to a nearby clinic for a fraction of the cost, resulting in significant savings.

This video explains how Redirect Health enables employers to provide compliant, high-quality health care for as little as $0 a month.

Companies interested in exploring EverydayCareTM can call (888) 995-4945 or email Additional information can be found at Services are available in Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Washington, and will soon be available nationwide.

About Redirect Health

Founded in 2013, Redirect Health provides entrepreneurial businesses with affordable health care plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act, reduce administration costs associated with many health insurance plans, and enhance the employee’s healthcare experience. The company uses a process that quickly identifies the most cost-efficient route to address common healthcare needs, enabling employers to significantly cut healthcare costs and reinvest their savings back into the business. For more information, visit

About RWC Group

RWC Group is part of the International Truck dealer network--the largest commercial truck dealer network in North America. Additionally, RWC sells Isuzu, Hino, Crane Carrier, Kalmar Ottawa and offers all makes and models of pre-owned, low mileage, medium-duty, heavy-duty sleepers and day cabs, severe service trucks and buses. They offer a full range of leasing options as well as competitive financing through their strong relationships with a broad spectrum of lending sources.

RWC Group offers a comprehensive array of services including: commercial truck repair, bus repair, diesel engine repair, commercial truck alignments and tire balancing, onsite flywheel reconditioning, roadside and emergency truck service and repair. They are certified to support International, Diamond Coach, Eaton Hybrid Power Systems, Allison Transmission, CAT & Cummins engines, and more.

RWC is committed to having the right part for your needs at the right time with more than $16 million in All Makes parts inventory at their 13 locations; from Fairbanks, Alaska to Tucson, Arizona. If you need a rare part that they don’t have in stock, RWC Group will special order it for you–often providing next day delivery on special orders.

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Release Summary

RWC Group using Redirect Health to offer 625 employees health care using a self-insurance model. RWC expected to save 15% of total health care claims costs.


Aker Ink
Andrea Aker, 602-339-7339