Now Enterprises Can Keep Their Legacy FTP/SFTP Whilst Benefitting from MFT Data Governance

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TOKYO--()--Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd. (JASDAQ: 9640) (Headquarter: Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Miyano) will release the latest version of HULFT, its comprehensive suite of enterprise data transfer management solutions, on December 17th, 2015. Until now, enterprises had to choose between short-term cost savings of keeping their legacy FTP/SFTP installations vs. the long-term cost savings of migrating to managed file transfer (MFT) solutions. With the release of HULFT version 8.1, organizations can keep their FTP/SFTP setup, whilst enjoying the full range of data governance functionality offered by HULFT.

HULFT, which stands for “Harmonious Universal Link File Transfer,” has achieved a market share of 4th globally and 1st in Asia Pacific within the managed file transfer (MFT) software category (*1). It enables the integration of disparate platforms, between cloud and on-premise, and between locations around the world. The newest version, HULFT 8.1, adds three main features:
1. Integrating FTP/SFTP with HULFT Script
2. UI and customer support in three languages (English, Chinese, and Japanese)
3. Compatibility with the zOS/IBMi environment

HULFT Version 8.1 New Feature Details

1. Integrating FTP/SFTP with HULFT Script

Sending and receiving data via FTP/SFTP is integrated with HULFT Script, allowing utilization of HULFT’s benefits such as transfer retry and automation via an easy-to-use GUI.

  • Without changing HULFT configuration, HULFT Script can send to and receive from a FTP/SFTP server.
  • HULFT Script stores records of file transfers for governance.
  • HULFT Script supports Windows, Linux, UNIX, and zLinux.

2. Providing the Product and Support in Three Languages

The same HULFT v8.1 installer can implement HULFT in either English, Simplified Chinese, or Japanese. Additionally, HULFT now offers 24x365(*2) customer support in all three languages.

  • Support for simplified Chinese in both the GUI and file transfer
  • Supporting for data transfer of UTF-8, realizing operations on OSes of any language.

3. Supporting zOS/IBMi Environment

The benefits of HULFT8 below are applicable for zOS/IBMi:

  • Improved file compression to transfer (IBMi version only)
  • Auto-tuning on transfer setting to optimize transfer speed

*1 Source: IDC, Oct 2014,“Worldwide Managed File Transfer Software 2013 Vendor Shares” (#252028) Managed File Transfer Software Revenue (2013)
*2 24x365 support is optional service.


HULFT, the name of a division of Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd. and its brand, is a enterprise data transfer management solutions used in over 42 countries by over 8,000 enterprises in numerous industries. Since its first release in 1993, HULFT has continuously provided features demanded by enterprises and increased the number of supported platforms.

HULFT eliminates the development overhead, security issues, and costs of using file transfer protocol (FTP) for large data transfers between sites, systems, and business partners. Known for being easy to configure and modify to fit particular needs, HULFT allows for executing efficient and effective data integration across various systems, both inside and outside organizations. Features include file distribution, distribution management, security, and job scripting to ensure stability and reliability of data flow over IT infrastructure.

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About Saison Information Systems

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 and is one of the nation's leading systems integration (SI) service providers. For over 40-years, the firm has accumulated broad expertise through on-site engagements with enterprises including large-scale nation-wide retail operations and financial institutions. The company's main businesses are system development, operation, and software sales, including HULFT. Saison Information Systems is listed on the JASDAQ stock marketplace under the code 9640 and employs over 1,200 people. For more information, please visit:


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For inquiries, please contact the following:
Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Dylan Robertson, +81-3-6863-5610
Marketing Department, HULFT Division


For inquiries, please contact the following:
Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Dylan Robertson, +81-3-6863-5610
Marketing Department, HULFT Division