Injured Workers' Abuse of Pain Medications Now More Manageable with Proactive Drug Screening by Integrated Prescription Solutions, Inc.

COSTA MESA, Calif.--()--A new clinical advancement to the already robust suite of clinical services offered by WC Pharmacy Benefit Manger (PBM) Integrated Prescription Solutions, Inc. (IPS) is now available through a strategic collaboration between Integrated Prescription Solutions (IPS) and Cordant Laboratory Solutions. The deal is the next step in IPS’s overall efforts to curb workers compensation prescription pain management abuse, misuse and addiction with opioids that can occur during the rehabilitation of injured workers. Effective immediately, claimants flagged as at-risk can easily be coordinated through IPS and their treating physician to undergo full panel drug screening which will provide the objective data to the adjuster or nurse case manager on proper or improper consumption of opioids.

Drug Testing Made Simple

Scientific data applied to identify risk factors when each claim is set up makes proactive, early testing a vital tool in the management of medications used to treat chronic pain. IPS coordinates obtaining samples, lab testing and delivery of results to physicians. Early intervention in this manner maintains the quality and integrity of samples to be tested, and drives down any costs because they are tightly controlled.

The Institute of Medicine indicates that chronic pain is suffered by more than 100 million people in the United States. This problem of chronic pain, Todd advises, must also be prevented and managed by employers during an injured worker's treatment plan. Employers responsible for providing this care to their claimants are particularly mindful of the medication and treatment costs incurred to provide necessary care. Typically those costs escalate when medications are misused, abused or become addicting, especially medications intended for the management of long-term chronic pain. According to Opioid Therapy for Nonspecific Low Back Pain and the Outcome of Chronic Work Loss those injured workers who medicate with any kind of opioids over an extended period will demonstrate persistent work loss 11 to 14 times greater than other employees.

"Every preventative measure taken today to eliminate opioid abuse, misuse or addiction will be reflected in tomorrow's return-to-work result," Todd advises. IPS, a leading pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for Work Comp and Auto PIP claims, maintains a today-tomorrow focus on the use of opioids as a pain management tool and devises preventative measures to target abuse and contain related costs. The ability to medically monitor these substances quickly and easily, according to Todd, has increased with technological advances in the healthcare industry and the application of certain scientific data to identify claimant risk factors.

Risk identification is a critical component of a pain management drug monitoring program, however according to Todd "not every claimant is at-risk." He believes there is no reason to test every claimant, although some testing facilities may suggest doing so. Incorporating preventative measures as a foundation to an aggressive opioid medical monitoring program will provide cost containment benefits to most employers. Prevention must be a primary focus of pain medication management for employers.

Testing Relevance

Preventative measures include relevant laboratory testing in advance of medicating workers who have been injured on the job, in addition to interval monitoring targeted toward each injured worker's abuse potential, if any. Relevant testing includes an initial test when treatment begins to establish a baseline and identify any abuse of opioids or unlawful drug use. Low, medium and high risk claimants are tested at intervals relevant to their risk for abuse as scientifically indicated. Generally, these testing measures and intervals are:


Periodic testing at random intervals, usually up to twice a year.


Tested up to four times each year.


Tested monthly or during each visit if aberrant behaviors are observed.

Highlights of Clinical Use

Each sample obtained for opioid monitoring is able to provide significant information pertinent to claimant drug use. Choices for sample collection depends on the injured worker's level of risk as indicated by the application of scientific data and can include:


Routine monitoring of drug use, however can be easiest to falsify.

Oral Fluids

Ideal for chronic opioid treatment, not easy to cheat, sample collection is not invasive to claimant.


Optimum for measuring active drug levels pharmacologically, gives information to support dosing and drug tolerance, facilitates evaluation of steady dosage.


Superior for detecting past use of illicit drugs and prescription medications, optimum for establishing new claimant baseline and risk assessment.

About Cordant Health Solutions

Cordant Health Solutions is setting its sights on toxicology innovation. Cordant’s unique Workers’ Compensation Medication Monitoring Solution incorporates clinically based guidelines for appropriate testing frequency based on risk thereby preventing drug testing over-utilization. Timely reporting provides actionable information to appropriate stakeholders involved in the claim management process to promote injured workers’ safety and compliance with their prescription treatment plans.

Cordant’s experienced portfolio ranges from medication monitoring and criminal justice drug testing to pre-employment drug screening, addiction and treatment center drug testing, workers’ compensation case management and reference lab solutions. As a reliable partner, Cordant provides testing protocols and digital case management tools to help its customers become more efficient and effective. With its high-value services and intelligent solutions, Cordant strives to change the way its clients use toxicology results and assist its clients in navigating the ever-changing industries in which they operate.

About Integrated Prescription Solutions TM (IPS)

Integrated Prescription Solutions, Inc. (IPS) provides workers compensation pharmacy benefit management and ancillary services to self-insured employers and third party administrators. IPS offers web-based, workers compensation managed care (WC/MC) medical cost-containment solutions to the employee injury marketplace. The IPS MatRx™ operating system allows employers and adjusters to monitor, manage and make real time authorizations around the clock to injured worker treatment protocols, point-of-sale eligibility and manage formulary selections throughout 65,000+ pharmacies.


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Injured workers' abuse of pain medications now more manageable with proactive drug screening by Integrated Prescription Solutions, Inc.


Integrated Prescription Solutions, Inc.
Greg Todd, 866-846-9279