Director/PDMR Shareholding


4 November 2015

Centrica plc (‘the Company’)

Notification of Transactions of Directors/Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility

Purchase of ordinary shares of 614/81 pence (‘Shares’) by Executive Directors and other Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility (‘PDMRs’), together the Executives, under the Company’s Share Incentive Plan (‘SIP’)

Equiniti Share Plan Trustees Limited (‘the Trustee’) notified the Company on 3 November 2015 that the following Executives acquired Shares under the SIP on 2 November 2015, held through the Trustee:

  Partnership Shares Acquired   Matching Shares Acquired   Total Shares Acquired
Executive Directors
Mark Hanafin 66 22 88
Mark Hodges 66 22 88
Grant Dawson 55 22 77
Ian Peters 66 22 88
Jill Shedden 66 22 88

(pence per share)

227.55 227.00

This announcement is made following notifications under Disclosure Rule 3.1.2.

The transactions took place in London.

Nicola Carroll

Head of Secretariat, Centrica plc


Centrica Investor Relations: +44 (0)1753 494900

Centrica Media Relations: 0800 107 7014


The SIP is made available to all UK employees and operates as follows:

  • Each month the Trustee uses participants’ contributions (which may not exceed £150 per participant per month) to purchase Shares in the market. These Shares are called Partnership shares and are registered in the name of the Trustee.
  • At the same time the Company allots to participants via the Trustee one Matching share for every two Partnership shares purchased that month (up to a maximum of 22 Matching shares per month) and these are registered in the name of the Trustee.
  • Participants may change their monthly savings rate whenever they wish. However, Directors, PDMRs and others bound by the Company’s Share Dealing Code (‘the Code) may not make such a change during a close period or when otherwise prohibited from dealing by the Code.
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