Impactly, First-ever Performance Management Platform To Harness People-based Analytics

Pioneering Technology in Workplace Performance Management Leverages Machine Learning to Optimize Individual Productivity and Drive Revenue Growth

NEW YORK--()--Impactly, a global pioneer in workplace performance management, today launched a breakthrough technology that leverages machine learning to simultaneously collect, measure, train and predict employee progress towards key performance outcomes. The company is modernizing how performance and learning management platforms function by being the first to prioritize unique people-based intelligence over traditional high-level dashboard reporting.

Impactly offers companies a management platform that combines the three most important elements leaders need to make accurate and up-to-date decisions and predictions about their business: data, training and people.

Founder and CEO, Michael McCord, led the development of unique people-based algorithms that yield individualized growth plans for employees, inclusive of recommended trainings. This new approach to day-to-day employee performance management is intended to maximize the potential of employees in the workplace, and ultimately, result in higher overall productivity, revenue and growth predictability

“Impactly is a true game changer. Data in charts only tell half the story. The people behind the data help give a complete picture of what’s going on within a company,” McCord said. “Too often do companies rely only on dashboards to evaluate macro results and fail to harness workflow and productivity data to evaluate and enhance employee performance at the micro level. Impactly fills the gap with current management platforms, transforming the way companies train and maximize their most important asset: their people.”

The Impactly technology offers business leaders a simple, effective solution to performance management that uses people-based analytics and is able to achieve the following:

  • Aggregate all workflow and people performance data
  • Generate people-based productivity score, referred to as ImpactScore™
  • Set and measure data-driven key performance goals
  • Evaluate individuals and teams against industry-trusted benchmarks
  • Predict employee key performance outcomes through machine learning
  • Intelligently suggest training programs for every person
  • Confidently predict revenue growth and other departmental outcomes

Unlike other reporting and dashboard platforms, Impactly seamlessly gathers employee performance and workflow data from multiple systems to measure the contribution of each employee and calculate a simple score from 1-99. This score is referred to as ImpactScore™. The score is based on both industry-trusted key performance indicators as well as a company’s unique environment. Based on the score, Impactly builds a growth plan for each employee with recommended personalized training programs. Companies can connect existing training programs or use Impactly’s robust training program repository. Employees can start immediately and their progress is automatically monitored and optimized over time to help them become the best worker possible.

Impactly helps employees and managers evaluate and maximize their potential in an objective and impartial environment, while also making it simple to effectively predict the impact each employee will have on productivity and overall growth.

"Impactly’s approach is the future of performance management and a game changer for HR,” said Vincent Suppa, President of HR Avant-Garde. “It takes what HR currently qualifies and quantifies it, elevating HR’s more traditional function by showing a direct correlation between employee performance and business growth, something executives have been demanding all along.”

About Impactly:

Impactly is a people-based performance management platform that aggregates individual performance and productivity data and transforms it into a single, easy to understand number called ImpactScore™. This platform helps organizations and its employees simultaneously measure, improve and predict progress towards a company's key performance outcomes. The platform is the first of its kind that - unlike simple reporting and dashboard platforms - features unique people-based algorithms and connected training program to help optimize employee productivity. Impactly is filling the present need for a system to objectively determine and strengthen the potential of the overall workplace. For more information, please visit


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Pinta for Impactly
Krysten de Quesada, 305-615-1111 x102