NBA: New York Knicks Most Expensive NBA Team to Attend Games

NEW YORK--()--In the NBA, fans of the New York Knicks have to spend more than any other team’s fans to attend a game on home court. That’s the main takeaway of a recent survey conducted by

In coming up with the rankings, the survey analyzed the cost of admission plus the cost of lodging for each NBA team. Specifically considered were the average ticket prices of the past season, as established by the statistics portal, as well as the typical rate for a 3-star hotel close to the respective arenas.

To attend a New York Knicks game, a couple is expected to have to spend $430 in total according to the survey. In addition to tickets that will cost an average of $123 a piece, by far the highest rate of all 30 NBA teams, a couple will have to spend $184, on average, for a double room around Madison Square Garden, home of the Knicks.

The second most expensive team to attend the home games of are the LA Lakers with a total price for two of $377 per game. Only one dollar cheaper are the Boston Celtics, the third most expensive team. This Top 3 placement is particularly due to the cost of lodging in Boston, which is the highest among all NBA destinations.

On the other hand, supporters of the Atlanta Hawks will spend, on average, only $162 (per couple) to attend a home game. That’s the lowest rate of all 30 teams. Also very affordable are the Detroit Pistons, the Charlotte Hornets and the Utah Jazz, where a couple will spend well below $200 in total to attend a home game.

The following table shows the five most and five least expensive NBA teams to attend a home game. The rates indicated are composed of the average price for two tickets as well as for a double room (1 night, minimum 3-star hotel).

1. New York Knicks $430

2. Los Angeles Lakers $377

3. Boston Celtics $376

4. Chicago Bulls $327

5. Miami Heat $304

26. Indiana Pacers $181

27. Utah Jazz $180

28. Charlotte Hornets $180

29. Detroit Pistons $164

30. Atlanta Hawks $162

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Nicole Haney, 1-805-308-9660


Nicole Haney, 1-805-308-9660