Fast B2B Bill Payment: Entryless Releases Seamless Payments

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--At the QuickBooks Connect event in San Jose, CA, Entryless ( announced the release of Entryless Seamless Payments, a B2B payment system that enables fast, secure B2B payments directly within one consolidated platform.

No other company has been able to offer a service that automates bill recording, enables online bill payments, and integrates with cloud accounting systems.

Making business to business bill payments faster, easier, and more secure, Entryless Seamless Payments can greatly reduce the amount of time businesses spend paying bills while helping suppliers get paid faster. With Entryless Seamless Payments, funds clear in one business day with no float. The payment process starts the moment the customer schedules the payment in the application.

“Consumers today make instant online bill payments from their checking accounts to pay a wide variety of bills,” said Entryless founder Mike Galarza. “But business payments are often still made using time-consuming, expensive manual processes that take days and have a long float. We set out to bring the convenience and speed of online electronic payments to businesses.”

Seeking to innovate bill automation and payments for businesses, Entryless is in use by tens of thousands of companies and accountants worldwide. With its innovative technology, Entryless removes the need to manually enter supplier bills into cloud accounting systems. Integrating with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Zoho Books.

With the release of Entryless Seamless Payments, users have one application that automates bills from receiving to paying. Users can upload bills or receive them directly from suppliers. Entryless automates data entry, review and approval, then synchronizes bills with the accounting system. Entryless Seamless Payments allows users to then make payments in the same application as their bills are recorded. Synchronization with accounting software captures all activities in the business accounting system.

The Entryless application is used by thousands of companies to automate billions of dollars in business expenses every year.

“When I say that our application automates bills, I mean that it is entirely automatic. After a bill is uploaded to Entryless, it is read and recorded. Once configured, tax and expense coding is applied. We take hundreds of hours of needless work off the shoulders of our clients,” said Galarza, “our competitors, like provide incomplete solutions.”

“I think that the amount of time people are spending paying bills is a waste. We can be to businesses what American Express was to consumer payments when they popularized the card payment,” said Galarza, “By adding payments, we bring a powerful offering to the marketplace. Adopting Entryless gives you end to end control of an efficient supplier payment system.”

“In addition, we never ‘float’ the money to make a few extra bucks off of the interest. That is not our business model. We want to serve our customers as best we can, get their bills paid as quickly as is possible. We are not here to engage in shady banking with money that is not ours,” said Galarza.

Entryless Payments is available now. Accountants and businesses can go to to sign up.


Bill Welsh, 415-941-5001

Release Summary

At the QuickBooks Connect event in San Jose, CA, Entryless announced the release of Entryless Seamless Payments.


Bill Welsh, 415-941-5001