Monclarity Secures $5M Seed Funding, Launches Brainwell, the First Fun Brain Training App

World Class Neuroscientists and Game Makers Unite to Make Brain Training Both Stimulating and Entertaining

Raises $5 Million in Seed Funding from Access Industries

BURLINGAME, Calif.--()--Monclarity, a company formed by world-renowned neuropsychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg and technology visionary and game creator Anatoly Tikhman, today launched Brainwell, a comprehensive brain training application. Brainwell aims to improve cognitive function across multiple key cognitive domains. The company has also announced it has raised $5 million in seed funding from Access Industries.

Using Brainwell regularly aims to strengthen and improve six cognitive domains: problem solving, memory, vision, attention, language and critical thinking. A proprietary algorithm customizes each workout to user goals and performance. Brainwell is interactive and colorful, while continuously challenging users and keeping them engaged. This is a clear differentiator from category competitors.

“A flood of discoveries suggest that guided cognitive activities produce biological changes in the brain and trigger neuroplasticity effects,” Dr. Goldberg, Ph.D. and Monclarity Chief Scientific Officer, said. “I am pleased to see my interest in using brain exercise to enhance cognition be made accessible by Monclarity. I hope our users will fulfill their cognitive goals because they enjoy regularly using our games.”

Brainwell also delivers seamless gameplay across all devices (smartphone, tablet, and web) with customized workouts.

“Games are the easiest, most enjoyable way to improve cognition and fight cognitive decline,” said Alex Tikhman, EVP/Co-Founder of Monclarity. “Brainwell’s games turn neuroscience concepts into fun and engaging experiences. Syncing them across all devices makes strengthening your brain super-convenient.”

“We are pleased to make this investment in Monclarity and see great potential in the company’s innovative approach to improving cognitive function in a fun and engaging way,” said Len Blavatnik, chairman and founder of Access Industries.

Brainwell is now available on iOS, Android, Kindle and web. Users get an initial cognitive fitness test, then three games daily, all free. Subscribing members access all 50 current games and new games as they’re added. Free and paid versions can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

About Monclarity

Monclarity is a unique marriage of technology, creativity and neuroscience. More specifically, a collaboration of game developers and neuroscientists who have come together to produce a comprehensive brain training application that aims to improve cognitive function across multiple key cognitive domains. The Monclarity team has created over 50 different game-based exercises targeting important brain functions like memory, attention, critical thinking, language skills and more. Monclarity believes that “you are what you think” — Power Your Mind, Build Your Brain, Enhance Your Life. Monclarity is headquartered in Burlingame, CA.

Monclarity CEO Anatoly Tikhman has more than 20 years experience developing and marketing innovative software. He has developed technologies and applications in areas like lossless compression, speech recognition, biometrics, and more. More recently, Tikhman built an industry-leading studio that’s created hugely successful games for many platforms.

Monclarity CSO Elkhonon Goldberg, Ph.D. is a cognitive neuroscientist, neuropsychologist, and author with more than 30 years of experience in brain research and clinical work. Goldberg’s books, including The Wisdom Paradox and The New Executive Brain, have been translated into close to 20 languages and he has lectured at prestigious universities worldwide. His research has addressed a range of central issues in the brain mechanisms of normal and abnormal cognition.

About Access Industries

Founded in 1986 by Len Blavatnik, an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, Access Industries is a privately held industrial group with strategic investments in the United States, Europe and South America. With corporate offices in New York, London and Moscow, Access’s holdings include market-leading companies in the Natural Resources and Chemicals, Media and Telecommunications, Technology and E-Commerce, and Real Estate sectors. The company’s holdings in the technology and media space include Warner Music Group, Deezer, Perform, Rocket Internet, and R.G.E. Group Ltd, among others. For more information, visit

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Release Summary

Monclarity today launched Brainwell, a comprehensive brain training app. Brainwell aims to improve cognitive function across multiple key cognitive domains and has raised $5 million in seed.


Laurel Getz, 203-767-5963