TRADE NEWS: Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry’s Most Sensitive GC/MSD System at Conference in China

Instrument Delivers Limits of Detection 10 Times Lower than Anything in Its Class

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Agilent Technologies today introduced the Agilent 5977B High Efficiency Source (HES) GC/MSD System, a tandem gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer that delivers lower limits of detection than any other instrument in its class.

“The 5977B is a major leap forward,” said Jim Yano, marketing vice president of Agilent’s Mass Spectrometry Division. “It includes a new high-efficiency ion source that makes it possible to detect pollutants and contaminants at previously undetectable levels.”

Agilent announced the breakthrough system at the Beijing Conference and Exposition on Instrumental Analysis, Oct. 27-30, an event the company has participated in since the conference began in 1985.

“The new system gives scientists the ability to detect trace levels of target compounds at levels 10 times lower than with any other single-quadrupole system,” Yano said. “Coupled with our MassHunter software, the 5977B is the most powerful GC/MSD ever.”

The Agilent 5977B will allow scientists to use smaller sample volume, spend less time on sample preparation, reduce instrument downtime, minimize solvent usage, and reduce the environmental impact of GC/MS analysis.

“Agilent supports scientists and researchers in their quest for answers and new discoveries through our technology, collaborations and insights,” said Patrick Kaltenbach, president of Agilent’s Life Sciences and Applied Markets Group. “Working closely with scientists in more than 100 countries, we deliver vital, actionable insights that advance our shared goal of creating a better world.”

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In addition to the 5977B, Agilent is showcasing a wide range of solutions at the conference this week. They include the following:

Agilent 6470 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS: System provides improved sensitivity, precision and scan speed, enabling laboratories to streamline analytical workflows.

Agilent 6545 Quadrupole Time of Flight LC/MS: System incorporates hardware and software innovations to enhance quality, improve instrument robustness and increase overall performance.

Agilent 7800 Quadrupole ICP-MS: System combines robust hardware, auto-optimization tools and preset methods to simplify routine analysis.

Cary 620 FTIR: Microscope delivers unparalleled spatial resolution and sensitivity.

Agilent 8355 Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector: Instrument is the only solution to provide complete integration of the gas chromatograph, detector and software for fast, reliable low-level analyses.

Agilent Bond Elut Enhanced Matrix Removal-Lipid: Solution incorporates an innovative sorbent technology that gives food-safety labs a better way to address their most challenging tasks.

Water-Screening Personal Compound Database and Library: Comprehensive database and exact mass library for environmental suspect screening with LC/MS TOF and Q-TOF enables accurate identification of a broad range of water contaminants and compounds of emerging concern.

GC/Q-TOF Pesticides Screen Analyzer: Turnkey solution to full-spectrum pesticide screening provides unrivaled confidence in the identification of a wide range of pesticides via a high-resolution exact mass library.

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