Rijuven Launches CardioSleeve for Pediatrics, the First Smart ECG Stethoscope Attachment that Radically Improves the Cardio-Diagnostic Processes

Breakthrough FDA-cleared device combines the power of ECG, digital auscultation, and mobile app integration with any existing stethoscope

The all new Rijuven CardioSleeve for Pediatrics. (Photo: Rijuven)

WEXFORD, Pa.--()--Rijuven today announced the launch of CardioSleeve for Pediatrics, the first FDA-cleared device that adds ECG capabilities to transform any existing stethoscope into a smart, mobile-connected device, complete with 3-Lead ECG, Digital Auscultation, and real-time digital analysis optimized for pediatric care. With CardioSleeve, Pediatricians and clinicians can quickly and accurately visualize heart sound, analyze for arrhythmia or murmur, and identify heart failure.

To date, other digital stethoscopes have not gained widespread traction because they don’t offer compelling new features compared to what is available with a traditional stethoscope.

Through the synchronization of Digital Heart Sound with ECG, CardioSleeve for Pediatrics makes all-new functionality possible, such as advanced murmur detection analysis at times when restless patients, noisy environments and rapid heart rate can make examinations challenging. CardioSleeve murmur detection analysis aids in the diagnosis of pathological and physiological heart sounds in patients as young as infants, at heart rates up to 180 beats per minute.

Pediatricians and clinicians simply attach the CardioSleeve to an existing stethoscope. CardioSleeve quickly and accurately acquires the digital acoustic and electric footprints of the heart and transmits them to a mobile device for real-time analysis. This allows for the creation of the Systolic Performance Index, a measure of Ejection Fraction, critical to identifying heart failure.

“Stethoscopes have been around for almost 200 years, it’s time to bring them into the 21st century,” said Rijuven President and Co-founder Raj Kapoor, MD, FCCP. “With CardioSleeve and the i2Dtx platform, Pediatricians now have the power of ECG right on the stethoscopes they already know and love. CardioSleeve makes existing stethoscopes smarter so they can do things an ordinary stethoscope can’t: visualize a heart murmur, quickly analyze heart rhythm, and identify heart failure, all while reducing costs and enhancing patient care.”

CardioSleeve for Pediatrics and its companion mobile app features:

  • Digital Auscultation with ECG
  • Murmur Detection and Analysis at beats up to 180 BPM
  • High Fidelity 3-Lead ECG
  • Systolic Performance Index
  • Digital Caliper
  • FDA clearance for both device and analysis
  • HIPAA secure data transfer and cloud-based EMR
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • IOS, Android, and PC compatibility
  • Easy attachment to any traditional stethoscope
  • Dry-contact and biocompatible surfaces

CardioSleeve for Pediatrics is part of the Rijuven i2Dtx platform. i2Dtx is a comprehensive, portable, cloud-based medical device platform for heart, lung, vital signs, imaging and lab clinical assessments for any physical examination.

The i2DTX platform includes a CardioSleeve and connected devices including an otoscope, pulse ox, IR thermometer and blood pressure cuff. Optional additions include a weight scale, spirometer, ultrasound, and blood glucose monitor. All devices can be wirelessly deployed to assess patients at any point of care. i2Dtx connects vitals, diagnostic, and lab devices with live notes, real-time consults, HD photos for visual exams and a complete EMR report both in the facility and remotely.

About Rijuven

Rijuven Corp. was founded by Raj Kapoor, MD, FCCP and technologist Evens Augustin of Carnegie Mellon University to design clinician driven portable devices and mobile platforms that improve screening, expand capabilities and simplify process. With tools that connect to patients at any point of care, Rijuven reduces admissions and unnecessary treatment by increasing engagement and adherence. Rijuven strives to improve outcomes and efficiency while taking an aggressive stance on overall cost reduction.

For more information on CardioSleeve and i2DTX, visit: http://www.rijuven.com.


Justin Bass, 412-404-6292

Release Summary

Rijuven Launches CardioSleeve For Pediatrics, The First Smart ECG Stethoscope Attachment That Combines The Power Of ECG, Digital Auscultation, And Mobile App Integration With Any Existing Stethoscope


Justin Bass, 412-404-6292