Rocket Fuel Shatters Perception of Programmatic Industry As a “Black Box,” Sets New Standard for Marketing Transparency

New “MAPP Transparency” Program Offers Reporting and Analytics Across All Key Program Elements

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ:FUEL), a leading Programmatic Marketing Platform provider, today set the standard in marketing transparency for its programmatic marketing platform customers. The company’s Model Audience Placement Performance (MAPP) transparency program encompasses four key areas: model learnings, audience insights, placement of ads, and performance. This deep level of transparency provides marketers a clear view into Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring(™) technology and the unrivaled campaign performance it enables.

“Our MAPP offering is comprehensive and can provide our clients far deeper insight into the key success elements of their campaigns than that offered by any other programmatic marketing provider,” said Monte Zweben, interim CEO, Rocket Fuel. “We are seeking to establish the standard by which all programmatic marketing providers must operate—and we think MAPP does exactly that.”

“Transparency, ad fraud, and ad viewability are three of the most hotly discussed topics in the industry right now,” said Seth Ulinski, senior analyst, Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR). “Stakeholders in the programmatic segment, both advertisers and publishers, should take action. We are pleased to see Rocket Fuel is being proactive; other stakeholders should take note. Initiatives such as Rocket Fuel’s are essential to growth of the programmatic market.”

Rocket Fuel customers now have access to the following benefits of MAPP, through new reporting features found in Rocket Fuel Insights, dependent on customer type and region:

Model Transparency: Customers will be able to see Moment Scoring work in real time via the forthcoming Model Learnings report that shows, on a daily basis, the number of attributes and features in the campaign model. These are identified by the Rocket Fuel artificial intelligence (AI) to improve campaign performance and, for example, the daily Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). As each campaign runs, users of the report can see how the AI learns the attributes that have an effect on the goal and, as an example, any corresponding drop in CPA.

Audience Transparency: Customers can see how individual target audience behaviors are performing against campaign goals across three important areas: who a campaign is reaching, confidence that ads are being delivered to real people, and consumer profiles across all the devices they use. Rocket Fuel offers two types of audience transparency reports:

  • Audience Insights, which provides lift reporting across demographic, behavioral and contextual attributes that can help inform marketing decisions in media that cannot benefit from autonomous programmatic decisioning. Rocket Fuel also offers third-party demographic reporting in partnership with Nielsen and comScore. Earlier this year, Rocket Fuel was among the first Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to be named a Nielsen Preferred Platform.
  • Cross Device, a new suite of reporting in Insights that shows the number of impressions, cross-device conversions, spend and more—across mobile, desktop and tablet in an interactive Venn diagram. The Conversion Matrix demonstrates the benefits of optimizing campaigns using Rocket Fuel’s cross-device technology by revealing patterns surrounding the device types on which ads were served and device types where conversions take place.

Placement Transparency. Customers can see where a campaign delivered and what it costs, with a detailed site list and viewability insights.

  • A Site List report offers visibility into where ads appeared in a programmatic campaign. Available to DSP and Managed Preferred clients in North America.
  • Financial reporting will give DSP customers full access to campaign costs, including media costs, third-party data costs, and Rocket Fuel technology fees.
  • A new Viewability report will be available to clients who have stated viewability CPM goals.
  • Traffic Scanner reporting provides a measure of impression quality, allowing marketers to know that a given campaign is reaching real people.

Performance Transparency. Customers can see in real time how a given campaign is performing against its goal, as well as detailed insights into conversion.

  • Easy-to-read dashboards convey high-level delivery, pacing, and performance against core KPIs. A more detailed reporting view provides the opportunity to customize reports in millions of potential configurations.

About Rocket Fuel

A leading Programmatic Marketing Platform provider, Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL) offers brands, agencies, and platform partners managed services, as well as a SaaS-based Data Management Platform (DMP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP), to optimize performance, awareness, and lift across marketing objectives, channels and devices. By applying artificial intelligence at big data scale, Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring™ technology performs a real-time calculation of each ad opportunity based on a marketer’s goal to determine the likelihood a consumer will engage in a desired action. Moment Scoring goes beyond 1:1 marketing by learning to predict what marketing actions to take with a campaign at a precise moment in time, which results in a much more efficient use of marketing dollars. Rocket Fuel serves 96 of the Ad Age 100, three of the top five agency holding company trading desks, and partners with some of the world’s leading CRM platforms, marketing platforms and systems integrators. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Rocket Fuel has more than 20 offices worldwide.


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Rocket Fuel
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