Post Pope Perceptions. New Expert System Report Analyzes American Sentiment Around Key Social, Political and Religious Issues

Content Analysis Performed on More on than 35,000 Social Media Posts Provides Meaningful Insight on Faith, Environment, Gay Rights, Gift Exchanges, Past Popes and Even the Popemobile

CHICAGO--()--Expert System (EXSY.MI), the leader in multilingual semantic intelligence technology for the effective management of unstructured information, today announced the release of an Expert IQ Report titled, Post Pope Perceptions. The report is a result of a content analysis of more than 35,000 social media posts made during Pope Francis’ recent visit to the United States.

To analyze what topics rose to the top in importance among audiences and also impacted American’s opinions and thoughts, Expert System used its Cogito content analysis technology, which works to quickly and accurately understand text as humans do by establishing precise connections between not just words, but more importantly, concepts. In using natural language processing and semantic intelligence technology, the company was able to analyze the unstructured data and provide intelligent insights into a wide variety of issues ranging from heavily debated topics including immigration, the environment and the poor, to more lighthearted topics including the Popemobile, gifts exchanged and Papal visits of the pasts.

“While many of us may not realize it, this was probably as big of a moment for social media as well as for Pope Francis. The use of such a platform to draw a community of faith together and to also voice support or objections on an incredibly wide range of topics in such a brief amount of time was impressive,” said Luca Scagliarini, CEO, Expert System USA. “While the data is intriguing from a pure analysis standpoint, being able to quickly analyze the true meaning behind all those posts can be incredibly valuable when it comes to making business decisions such as where to place targeted advertising investments, where more education programs need to be put in place or how one’s brand is being perceived in the marketplace.”

Some of the key data discussed in the Expert IQ report include:

  • Focus on the family unit emerged as top theme among audiences. Used to describe aspects of the Pope’s visit, family (2126) and the related World Meeting of Families (WMF2015) (3490) are at the center.
  • Pope Francis’ stance of forgiveness as it relates to some of the most sensitive issues in the church such as abortion (352) generated sentiments tied to forgiveness (61), forgive (55), absolve (9).
  • On the topic of sexual abuse (188) many promoted the need for support (315) and justice (281) for abused people.
  • Sentiment related to Kim Davis turned out to be more so on the negative side (61%) with the most common thoughts tied to words of absurd, awfully, relentless, wrongly, threat, monstrous.
  • Sentiment tied to capitalism (179) became associated to negative terms (poverty 405, evil 61, destruction 58) indicating that, in general, society still perceives that profits generated by the free markets are not doing enough to address these issues at hand.
  • Americans seemed to approve of the Pope’s mode of transportation with the choice of using a Fiat 500 (56) correlated to compact (2)/small (23)/little (20), humble (25)/ modest (10), economic (38).

Produced using Expert System’s Cogito content analysis platform, the Expert IQ Report is a regular series that looks to provide deep content analysis from the massive amounts of data from a given current event, person or topic within the enterprise, government, financial, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries. Expert IQ Reports demonstrate the value of using content analysis technology to automatically generate a fast and accurate understanding of unstructured text, working to read, comprehend and analyze text as humans do by establishing precise connections between not just words, but more importantly, concepts.

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Post Pope Perceptions Released. New Expert System Content Analysis Report Analyzes American Sentiment Around Key Social, Political and Religious Issues


For Expert System
Kari Walker, 703-928-9996