SoftNAS Accelerates Data Movement for Geographically Dispersed Data

SoftNAS® UltraFast™ achieves up to 16x more bandwidth utilization between cloud and traditional data centers, remote/branch offices, and manufacturing and warehousing locations


WHAT: SoftNAS, the #1 best-selling software-based network-attached storage (NAS) in the cloud, today announced SoftNAS® UltraFast™, an intelligent, self-tuning storage accelerator for the WAN and cloud. SoftNAS will demonstrate how UltraFast overcomes latency, congestion, poor QoS, and slow data replication across any geographic distance without changes to applications, networking or storage systems, during AWS re:Invent.

WHY: Performance improvements for use cases such as:

  • Faster offsite backups and retrieval of data via optimized S3 object storage
  • High-performance S3 object storage access from on premise
  • Replication between data centers over an enterprise WAN
  • Replication optimization for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO)
  • Master copy data management for global content publishing
  • Disaster recovery to the cloud for quick synchronization of data from any source

HOW: SoftNAS UltraFast will be an add-on feature to the SoftNAS product portfolio. Benefits include:

  • Migrate data to the cloud: Optimize data streams for large-scale data transfers between geographically dispersed IT environments.
  • Replicate data for disaster recovery: Replicate data to the cloud for cost-effective fail over.
  • Integrate islands of data: Quickly transfer data among remote office, factories and corporate for big data analytics.
  • Scheduled bandwidth throttling: Automatically regulate and prioritize network traffic and performance according to administrator-defined bandwidth limits and schedules.
  • Leverage existing environment: Work with existing applications, storage (hardware and software) and networks to improve network efficiency without additional hardware.
  • Increase bulk data transfer rate by up to 5 times: Speed transfers by up to 5 times (based on 1-4 GB file sizes across high quality networks (<0.1% packet loss)).
  • Improve WAN link utilization up to 16 times over TCP alone, with 95% link efficiency: Overcome bandwidth degradation due to high round trip transfers over large geographic distances and packet losses from multiple routers (based on 1-4 GB file sizes across high quality networks (<0.1% packet loss)).

WHERE: Booth 334 during AWS re:Invent, held October 6 - 9, 2015, The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV.

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About SoftNAS

SoftNAS®, LLC, is the leading provider of software-defined, architecture independent NAS products. SoftNAS gives customers the power of data security, portability and access, providing enterprise-class NAS storage and data integration capabilities required to safely, predictably, and reliably operate IT systems and applications. SoftNAS believes in powerful, hassle-free data management and supports the most popular virtualized computing platforms, including Amazon® AWS™, Microsoft® Azure™, CenturyLink Cloud®, VMware vSphere® and vCloud® Air™.

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Cristina Salinas, 512-586-6955


Cristina Salinas, 512-586-6955