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Contribution of HAWQ analytics engine and MADlib data science tools is latest example of Pivotal’s commitment to open source technology. Pivotal partners with Hortonworks, Altiscale to help realize the promise of big data analytics.


  • Pivotal continues its commitment to open source technology through the contribution of its Pivotal HAWQ Hadoop-native advanced SQL analytics database and MADlib parallel machine learning library to the Apache Software Foundation.
  • HAWQ and MADlib deliver major updates in performance, scalability and deep Apache Hadoop integrations.
  • Hortonworks and Altiscale reaffirm continued partnerships with Pivotal to realize the promise of big data analytics on Hadoop.

Pivotal®, the company accelerating digital transformation and modern application development for enterprises, today announced that it will continue its commitment to advancing open source through its contribution of the HAWQ advanced SQL on Hadoop analytics and MADlib® machine learning technologies to The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). As every organization transforms into a software business, it is imperative they have easy access to the most powerful analytics tools to create new software-driven experiences for people and the world.

Delivering a truly Apache Hadoop®-native analytical database through ASF enables enterprises to harness the power of parallel data processing technology proven in the most demanding, business-critical, high-throughput environments. Apache HAWQ (incubating) offers ANSI SQL compliance, a scale-out massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture, unrivaled performance, state-of-the-art query optimization, multi-tenant awareness, low-latency interactive ad hoc analytical query capabilities, and proven integration with leading business intelligence and visualization tools.

Pivotal HAWQ: A Powerful Analytics Engine for Enterprises

Launched in 2013, and leveraged from over a decade’s worth of intellectual property and expertise developed through the creation of the Pivotal Greenplum® data warehousing system and PostgreSQL, HAWQ has helped define a key enterprise application for Hadoop – advanced SQL analytics. Through these major enhancements and, critically, HAWQ’s contribution to ASF, Pivotal seeks to ensure Hadoop’s place as the cornerstone of advanced data science, business intelligence, and data warehousing.

In addition to HAWQ, Pivotal and the MADlib community are contributing the MADlib machine-learning library for incubation at ASF. Apache MADlib (incubating) is a powerful collection of scale out, parallel machine learning algorithms seamlessly integrated with HAWQ. MADlib was developed by Pivotal, in conjunction with researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, the University of Florida and Pivotal’s customers. It has been used broadly in the finance, automotive, media, telecommunications and transport industries.

Uniquely, Apache HAWQ (incubating) is able to execute these powerful algorithms in parallel and natively inside any Hadoop cluster based on Pivotal’s Hadoop distribution (Pivotal HD), Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), or the planned ODPi ( core. An open source project for four years, Pivotal and the MADlib community contributed MADlib to ASF in order to simplify governance and improve access by developers and users for further integration and advancement with Apache HAWQ and beyond. Today, MADlib supports HAWQ, Pivotal Greenplum and PostgreSQL, all provided in a licensed and supported enterprise subscription offering from Pivotal as part of Pivotal Big Data Suite.

Pivotal will continue aggressive development of HAWQ and MADlib through ASF (during incubation and following acceptance as a top-level project) and today also reaffirmed continued partnerships with Hortonworks and Altiscale to realize the promise of big data analytics.


Pivotal will continue to distribute and support commercial distributions of Apache HAWQ (incubating) and Apache MADlib (incubating) - via Pivotal Big Data Suite. Customers with enterprise support agreements will also be entitled to request priority technical assistance as well as receive patches and hotfixes.

Supporting Quotes

Gavin Sherry, Vice President and CTO, Data, Pivotal

“We strongly believe our HAWQ and MADlib technologies, as Apache Software Foundation incubation projects, bring unprecedented SQL processing capabilities and know-how to Hadoop developers and users. We’re excited and humbled at the prospect of collaborating closely, in the open, with many of the leading minds in data processing systems today.”

Dr. Konstantin Boudnik, VP Open Source Development, WANDisco

“Having mature, production ready projects like HAWQ joining the Apache Software Foundation shows how the open-source development paradigm changed the landscape of enterprise applications. Apache HAWQ (incubating) is building on an amazing heritage and versatility of PostgreSQL and is well positioned for the high performance expectations of enterprise organizations."

Justin Erenkrantz, Head of Compute Architecture, Bloomberg LP

"We welcome the contribution of HAWQ to The Apache Software Foundation. By providing a scalable SQL engine built upon primitives like YARN, we expect that Apache HAWQ will further expand the Apache Hadoop ecosystem's ability to address today and tomorrow's data warehousing needs."

Scott Gnau, CTO, Hortonworks

“This further extends the partnership that Hortonworks and Pivotal have in place today around Pivotal HD and the Hortonworks Data Platform. Hortonworks has always strongly supported open source software and the power of the community to advance innovation. We are thrilled to see the contribution of HAWQ to the Apache Software Foundation. Enterprises can use HAWQ, an HDP YARN-ready and certified application, to tap into their existing SQL skills to explore new use cases while accessing a single cluster of data in PHD and HDP.”

Raymie Stata, CEO, Altiscale

“At Altiscale, we firmly believe that Big Data will come to be used throughout the enterprise. The future users of Hadoop-based data will not be limited to data scientists or data engineers, but will also include the data-savvy business professional who is using analytics to execute on front-line business decisions. The critical link between Hadoop and broader business intelligence is the MPP SQL engine. That’s why we are excited to be a cloud provider of HAWQ, which is one of the most mature, robust MPP SQL solutions available.”


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