Yulong Eco-Materials Reports Fiscal 2015 Financial Results

PINGDINGSHAN, China--()--Yulong Eco-Materials Limited (NasdaqCM:YECO), a vertically-integrated manufacturer of eco-friendly building products and a construction waste recycling company, today announced its fiscal 2015 results for the year ended June 30, 2015.

Fiscal 2015 Financial and Recent Operational Highlights

  • Fiscal 2015 revenue of $46.2 million increased 4% on $44.5 million in fiscal 2014;
  • Fiscal 2015 net income of $8.7 million or $1.08 per share;
  • Ended fiscal 2015 with approximately $16.5 million in cash;
  • Working capital sufficient to support expansion efforts;
  • New eco-friendly brick plant and waste recycling plant, with exclusive hauling license in Pingdingshan, became operational in April 2015;
  • State-of-the-art research center established to develop new eco-friendly products and increase efficiency of existing construction waste products;
  • Expanded its recycling business outside of Pingdingshan.

Yulong’s revenue increase in fiscal 2015 was primarily the result of greater customer demand for the company’s fly-ash bricks, higher selling prices for concrete, as well as new revenue contributed by the recycling business which commenced operation in April 2015.

For fiscal 2015, the company’s gross margin decreased to 36.5%, as compared to 38.1% in fiscal 2014, mainly due to the higher cost of raw materials for our brick products, and the higher cost of raw material for higher grades of concrete sold during the period. This decrease was offset slightly by a 49.7% gross margin generated by our new, high-margin recycling business, which Yulong commenced in late April 2015. Although the contribution of the recycling business to fiscal 2015’s financial and operational performance was not significant (as a percentage of total revenue), this business is expected to become a material contributor to both top and bottom lines in fiscal 2016.

Yulong’s reduction in year-over-year net income - $8.7 million in fiscal 2015 vs. $10.7 million in fiscal 2014 - was mainly the result of an increase in general and administrative (G&A) expenses. Specifically, G&A expenses in fiscal 2015 increased to $3.4 million vs. $0.8 million a year earlier as a result of $0.9 million in start-up costs related to the new recycling and brick plants, and also an increase in professional fees mainly associated with preparation for the company’s initial public offering - fees which were not incurred in fiscal 2014.

Yulong closed its initial public offering on July 1, 2015, netting proceeds of approximately $10.9 million. These funds, which have improved the company’s cash position and working capital, will allow Yulong to purchase additional trucks and mobile recycling stations to service new contracts outside of Pingdingshan and complete the second production line of its new brick facility.

Moving Forward – 2016 and Beyond

Yulong remains one of the leading brick and cement suppliers in Pingdingshan with approximately 50% and 30% market share, respectively, in fiscal 2015. Recent steps taken by management are opening new avenues to further increase market share in Pingdingshan and expand into new areas.

Yulong’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yulong Zhu, noted, “In April 2015, we completed the construction of our eco-friendly construction waste recycling plant, a new brick plant that uses the waste that we recycle as raw materials, and a state-of-the-art research and development center that will be instrumental in developing new eco-friendly products and increase efficiency of existing construction waste products. Using our recycled materials, we can now provide our existing and potential customers with a wider range of higher quality brick products that can be used for pavements, gardens and squares.

“Furthermore, the company’s exclusive hauling license in Pingdingshan and eco-friendly recycling plant, added to its recent success in securing hauling and recycling agreements in cities outside of its base in Pingdingshan, will serve as catalysts for improved operational performance expected in fiscal 2016.

“While fiscal 2015 was a year in which we established our hauling and recycling business and completed what we believe to be one of our province’s most advanced eco-friendly brick factories, fiscal 2016 has already emerged as a year in which we have expanded our business into new geographic markets and secured highly lucrative contracts.”

In August 2015, Yulong commenced waste hauling and recycling operations on a high-speed rail project in Shangqiu, Henan Province, a contract that can potentially net the company up to $4 million in revenue over 18 months. Earlier in September 2015, Yulong landed a construction waste recycling agreement for Zhengzhou City with potential revenue of $35 million over four years.

“Several other contracts in other cities of Henan Province are currently being bid on,” said Mr. Zhu, “and we are hopeful that we will be able to announce positive results from these efforts soon.”

One of China’s most profound needs is to clean up the overflowing construction waste currently found in dozens of our nation’s major cities. “We believe we are positioning the company to be a leader in providing this vital service.”

About Yulong Eco-Materials

Yulong is a vertically integrated manufacturer of eco-friendly building products and a construction waste recycling company located in the city of Pingdingshan in Henan Province, China. The Company is currently the city’s leading producer of fly-ash bricks and concrete, and in April 2015 became Pingdingshan’s exclusive hauling and construction waste recycling operations provider.

Forward-Looking Statements

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June 30, June 30,
2015 2014


Cash and cash equivalents $ 16,470,299 $ 19,732,770
Accounts receivable, net 9,329,495 5,181,394
Deposits and other receivables 286,153 350,120
Inventories 364,254 421,998
Advances to suppliers 17,421 57,415
Prepaid expenses 373,617 72,356
Other receivables-related parties   -   936,608
Total current assets   26,841,239   26,752,661
PLANT AND EQUIPMENT, net   41,267,655   34,381,554
Prepayments 3,658,748 5,771,681
Intangible assets, net 4,913,376 2,449,759
Deferred tax asset 520,147 188,381
Long-term deposit   397,300   11,294
Total other assets   9,489,571   8,421,115
Total assets $ 77,598,465 $ 69,555,330


Short term loan - bank $ 7,972,190 $ 7,751,250
Accounts payable, trade 1,726,158 1,820,585
Other payables and accrued liabilities 4,817,399 735,789
Other payables - related parties 2,584,104 182,000
Customer deposits - 402,499
Taxes payable 1,098,093 1,113,617
Capital lease obligation-current portion 4,615,083 1,610,492
Dividends payable   7,994,125   -
Total current liabilities   30,807,152   13,616,232
Other payables - 487,500
Other payables - related parties - 9,801,110
Dividends payable - 7,935,525
Capital lease obligation-net of current portion   138,952   68,361
Total long term liabilities   138,952   18,292,496
Total liabilities   30,946,104   31,908,728
Common stock, $0.00125 par value, 100,000,000 shares authorized,
8,000,000 shares issued and outstanding* 10,000 10,000
Subscription receivable (10,000 ) (10,000 )
Additional paid-in capital 19,011,464 19,011,464
Statutory reserves 3,922,228 3,771,665
Retained earnings 21,211,829 12,682,821
Accumulated other comprehensive income   2,506,840   2,180,652
Total Yulong Eco-Materials Limited's equity   46,652,361   37,646,602
Total liabilities and equity $ 77,598,465 $ 69,555,330
* Giving retroactive effect to the 4-for-5 reverse stock split effected on March 3, 2015.
For the Years Ended
June 30,
2015   2014
Bricks $ 15,586,654 $ 14,956,906
Concrete 29,967,622 29,499,530
Recycling   676,108   -
TOTAL REVENUES   46,230,384   44,456,436
Bricks 6,139,759 5,773,533
Concrete 22,883,040 21,729,928
Recycling   340,186   -
TOTAL COST OF REVENUES   29,362,985   27,503,461
GROSS PROFIT   16,867,399   16,952,975
Selling 634,390 930,470
General and administrative   3,374,557   806,037
Total operating expenses   4,008,947   1,736,507
INCOME FROM OPERATIONS   12,858,452   15,216,468
Interest income 70,065 18,186
Interest expense (1,297,102 ) (1,183,580 )
Other finance expense (1,094 ) (16,628 )
Other expense, net   (52,731 )   (83,125 )
Total other expense, net   (1,280,862 )   (1,265,147 )
INCOME BEFORE INCOME TAXES 11,577,590 13,951,321
PROVISION FOR INCOME TAXES   2,898,019   3,259,147
NET INCOME 8,679,571 10,692,174
Foreign currency translation adjustments   326,188   94,109
COMPREHENSIVE INCOME $ 9,005,759 $ 10,786,283
Basic and diluted*   8,000,000   8,000,000
Basic and diluted* $ 1.08 $ 1.34
* Giving retroactive effect to the 4-for-5 reverse stock split effected on March 3, 2015.


Investor Relations Counsel:
The Equity Group Inc.
Lena Cati, 212-836-9611
Vice President
Asia IR•PR
Jimmy Caplan, 512-329-9505
Media Relations:
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Investor Relations Counsel:
The Equity Group Inc.
Lena Cati, 212-836-9611
Vice President
Asia IR•PR
Jimmy Caplan, 512-329-9505
Media Relations:
Asia IR•PR
Rick Eisenberg, 212-496-6828