Continuum Analytics Debuts Anaconda for the Enterprise at Strata + Hadoop World in NYC

Fastest Growing Open Source Modern Analytics Platform Powered by Python now also Ready for Enterprise Data Scientists

NEW YORK--()--Continuum Analytics today announced the Anaconda platform, which in addition to its open source edition now offers paid on premise and cloud subscriptions for Anaconda. Anaconda is the leading modern open source analytics platform powered by Python that brings an analytics engine to your data, no matter where your data lives. Data science teams and in-house developers can now explore and solve the most complex data problems in a packaged, easy to deploy, open data science stack.

"Anaconda started out as a dream by scientists in academia and now, with a community of more than 2 million, the dream is being realized," said Travis Oliphant, Continuum Analytics CEO and co-founder. "Anaconda, together with other open source technologies such as Jupyter, Cloudera, Spark, and R, is making a dent in business and scientific challenges to help our quickly expanding community to solve real world problems with big data analytics."

The new Anaconda release is the only modern analytics platform powered by Python. Unlike other data science analytics platforms, it offers easy GPU and multi-core integration, scalable browser based visualization provided by data shading, and a framework that insulates your organization from back-end changes and allows you to write data and analytic queries once and deploy anywhere. This ease of use is essential for data science teams wishing to quickly collaborate on large, sophisticated projects.

Outfitted for the Most Demanding Business Needs

With this release, Anaconda is now freely available under the BSD license allowing Anaconda to be fully redistributed without attribution as part of the modern open data science stack. Anaconda has also been supercharged with performance optimizations and function that make it easy to scale out analytics with parallelization.

Features of the open source Anaconda platform include:

  • MKL optimizations
  • GPU and multi-core functions
  • Updates to popular open source packages (e.g. Jupyter, pandas, and scikit-learn)
  • R essential packages easily installed to leverage R in Python

Anaconda, the modern open source analytics platform powered by Python, is now available for enterprises and professionals in three subscription tiers - Pro, Workgroup and Enterprise. Anaconda provides a deeply capable analytics stack that is used by the best minds in the world. Anaconda's customers include more than 200 of the Fortune 500, 19 of the Fortune 25 and 8,000 universities around the world. Boeing, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Schlumberger, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Securities and Exchange Commission are among current industry leaders who rely on Anaconda.

Anaconda subscriptions include:

  • Exploration & visualization
  • Notebook publishing & sharing
  • Full cluster support & integration with Spark and Hadoop
  • Now includes initial scalable, parallel algorithms
  • Easier to install - includes all Continuum technology
  • Collaborative environment management
  • Scalable real-time big data visualization

Anaconda Cloud is "Github for data science" meets “AWS.” Anaconda Cloud includes a free, publicly available web portal for the Anaconda Community to share notebooks, packages and reproducible environments. Additionally, Anaconda Cloud includes a download for cluster prototyping of analytics that scale to Big Data. For private plans, Anaconda Cloud has a $9/mo subscription that makes it simple to collaborate with anyone across the globe.

Anaconda Cloud includes:

  • Sharing & publishing of notebooks including the runtime to the community
  • Download for a four node cluster developer environment
  • Private collaboration with controlled access
  • Working environments portable to anywhere

About Continuum Analytics:

Continuum Analytics develops Anaconda, the leading modern open source analytics platform powered by Python. Continuum’s Python-based platform and consulting services empower organizations to analyze, manage and visualize big data - turning massive datasets into actionable insights and business value. Built on proven open source technology and easily integrated within existing IT environments, Anaconda allows organizations to make critical business decisions based on their data quickly, easily, inexpensively, and with flexibility. Without having to worry about how to access their data, organizations can free up resources to solve actual problems. Continuum's founders and developers have created or contribute to some of the most popular data science technologies, including NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, IPython, and many others. To learn more about the Anaconda platform, training and consulting services, visit


Ethan Parker, 512-485-3016

Release Summary

Continuum Analytics today announced the Anaconda platform, which in addition to its open source edition now offers paid on premise and cloud subscriptions for Anaconda.


Ethan Parker, 512-485-3016