TapInfluence Launches TapFusion, the World’s First Influencer Marketing Automation Platform

Forward thinking brands and agencies shift wasted dollars from banner ads to software that offers an always-on platform to drive significant revenue and consumer trust

BOULDER, Colo.--()--Today, TapInfluence announced the launch of TapFusion, the world’s first influencer marketing automation platform, providing brands, and the agencies that serve them, the power to automate the process of identifying, distributing, and measuring high-value influencer marketing campaigns through a single, easy-to-use software platform. TapFusion turns the historically costly and inefficient influencer marketing industry on its head as it delivers end-to-end software that’s scalable and fully measurable based on key performance metrics by content, platform, and influencer.

“The noise created by banner ads has made consumers difficult to reach,” said Promise Phelon, TapInfluence CEO. “TapFusion is a direct response to the market’s need for an effective, scalable, and predictable alternative to digital ads and other poor-performing marketing channels. Influencer marketing has proven to be a more effective way to create purchase intent with consumers, and by automating the entire process, we’ve just given brands and agencies a simple, unified way to scale revenue impact.”

TapFusion’s Influencer Marketing Automation (IMA) key capabilities include:

  • Influencer Recruitment: Ability to access and mobilize TapInfluence’s marketplace, which includes registered and vetted influencers as well as millions of social profiles with billions in consumer reach across trusted social channels.
  • Influencer Selection: Access to a proprietary, algorithmic engine that lets marketers identify relevant influencers based on intended audience, desired performance, and cost parameters, saving marketers time and vital resources.
  • Workflow Automation: Ability to build, execute, and report on influencer programs in hours, not weeks.
  • Optimized Distribution: Ability to reach consumers through a premium influencer distribution channel and exclusive inventory that delivers twice as much traffic quality and ROI as banner ads and content recommendation solutions.
  • Analytics: Access to real-time, multi-channel tracking across blogs, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels. Marketers have an instant gauge of accountability around program investment and impact.

“Trust is the currency of brand and agencies today, and consumers don’t trust advertising. Brands are wasting billions on ads that are blocked or unseen by humans. Yet they will live or die by their ability to reach consumers, who today love social media and trust strangers more than brands,” said Phelon. “TapFusion is the way for brands to drive purchase intent. The platform makes it possible to reach social consumers who rely on peer reviews and social media to inform the majority of all purchasing decisions, at scale. We heard marketers and agencies’ complaints that influencer marketing was too manual, too costly, and too unmeasurable to be the bedrock of their strategies. We heard the frustrations they faced with point solutions that purported that identifying influencers alone was influencer marketing. TapFusion allows any brand to unlock the ‘trinity of trust’ between consumers, brands, and influencer with authenticity that breeds brand credibility. We’re bringing back authentic communication, restoring brand credibility with consumers through trusted voices, and enabling simple natural engagement.”

Today’s launch comes on the heels of incredible growth at TapInfluence:

  • In 2015, TapInfluence’s revenue has grown 100% quarter over quarter as the SaaS platform powers high-impact campaigns for 60% of the largest US retailers including Kraft, Coca-Cola, and P&G.
  • Over 100,000 pieces of content have been delivered, earning over 686 million total views and driving 21 million consumer engagements.
  • TapInfluence is experiencing double-digit monthly growth of its premier influencer marketplace, now giving brands the ability to reach over a billion consumers across all social channels.
  • Since April, TapInfluence has added SaaS and marketing technology experts to its senior leadership team including Chief Executive Office, Promise Phelon, Chief Revenue Officer, Frank Sette, Vice President of Customer Success, Colleen Callahan, and Vice President of Engineering, Joe Scharf.

About TapInfluence

TapInfluence offers the leading influencer marketing automation platform, providing brands and agencies with the technology to create, scale, and maintain better relationships with consumers by harnessing the reach and relevance of online influencers.

We power the influence economy and are honored to work with leading brands like Kraft, Horizon Organics, and P&G and partner with game-changing agencies such as MtoM Consulting and Ignite Social Media. Our marketing software is the only technology that identifies the best-performing influencers for a brand’s audiences from within an exclusive influencer marketplace and automates the entire workflow including content creation, distribution, performance, and data-driven optimization. Our marketplace provides an unprecedented network of opt-in influencers that reaches over one billion consumers across all social channels.

TapInfluence is powering the influencer marketing automation space and is on a mission to enable always-on, scalable, high ROI influencer marketing for the world’s leading brands through the power of technology and automation. For more information, please visit tapinfluence.com.


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Release Summary

TapInfluence Launches TapFusion, the World’s First Influencer Marketing Automation Platform; Forward thinking brands and agencies shift wasted dollars from banner ads to TapInfluence


Pluck PR
Kate Gundry, 617-797-5174