‘Orphan Is the New Orange’ Tribute Parody Sketch Just in Time for Emmys

Jessica Sorenson plays her prison version of the clones, Katja and Cosima, from the parody short film, "Orphan is the New Orange." (Photo: Business Wire)

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.--()--If by some strange twist of fate BBC America’s “Orphan Black” and Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” had to share a Primetime Emmy Award this Sunday, the coveted gold-dipped statuette might be inscribed as “Orphan Is the New Orange.”

That’s also the title of a hilarious and thought-provoking new short film written and executive produced by its star, Jennifer Sorenson, who also plays 10 roles. Directed by Alethea Root and produced by Meredith Riley Stewart and Rose Krane, the mind-bending sketch was shot in three days, primarily in the Santa Ana., Calif. jail. It features Sorenson as the various clones Sarah, Alison, Beth, Cosima, Jennifer, Helena, Katja, Tony, Krystal and Rachel.

Honors Two ‘Os’

Paying homage to both hit shows, Sorenson conceived the idea in honor of “Orphan’s” lead actor, Tatiana Maslany. She finally received an Emmy nomination for her unforgettable performances as four lead clone sisters: Sarah, Alison, Cosima and Helena.

“My own life has set me up to have a sense of humor,” says Sorenson. “I want people to laugh and just enjoy this as an in-depth exploration of character. For fans, it may blow the lid off what you previously thought about both shows.”

Keeps You Guessing

Through the technological sophistication of the split screen, viewers have told Sorenson that they “couldn’t tell” at first whether she “really was more than one character.” (Hint: She really is.)

“That’s also a tribute to the magic of editing,” says Root, who called the entire process “intense.” “I knew this would be a love letter from us to both of those outstanding productions. We believe comedy heals the world like education does.”

Premieres Online Today

Accomplished with 90% female cast and crew, the film celebrates the prowess and power of women in Hollywood. Sorenson wrote the play, “I Fart in My Sleep: Confessions of an Embarrassing Life.” Root is a filmmaker working in cross-mediums including factual and reality, features and shorts. Her most recent major project was “Part-Time Fabulous,” about living with clinical depression.

In honor of both award-winning shows and this weekend’s Emmy Awards, the film premieres at www.OrphanIstheNewOrange.com today. Watch and ask yourself: “Is the same person really playing all those characters?” You won’t be the first to scratch your head.


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Release Summary

See what would happen if “Orphan Black” and "Orange Is the New Black” shared a Primetime Emmy Award. Watch the hilarious new parody sketch just in time for the Emmys, ”Orphan Is the New Orange.”


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