New TV Companion Device from DMT Turns HD Set-Top Box into a UHD/4K Solution

Allows Pay TV Operators to Quickly and Securely Adapt to Market, Provides Customers with Ultimate Viewing Experience

AMSTERDAM--()--Sales of ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K TVs are skyrocketing, with studies indicating that 25 percent of TVs sold this year will support these next-generation resolutions. Pay TV operators are seeking UHD-capable solutions – something that is easier said than done. One company has the innovative answer. This week at IBC 2015, Digital Multimedia Technology (DMT) will debut Deseo, a TV companion device that transforms a pay TV HD gateway set-top box (STB) into a secure UHD/4K gateway solution.

Many industry-leading pay TV operators have state-of-the-art HD gateway set-top boxes that offer many advanced capabilities, including time-shift, home-sharing, advanced search capabilities, and more. However, most of these set-top boxes do not have High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), a capability that UHD/4K requires. Thus, the set-top boxes of today are expected to quickly become obsolete, but developing their next-gen replacements is an extremely expensive and time-consuming undertaking. DMT’s Deseo can turn these HD set-top boxes into UHD solutions with a simple software change – allowing pay TV operators to quickly respond to market changes, while extending the life of their current set-top boxes at a minimal cost. Deseo can also support HDR and VP9.

A mere 138 x 38 x 25 mm in size, Deseo works seamlessly with pay TV HD gateway set-top boxes for all applications, including UHD/4K broadcasted and OTT content. Using just one remote control – the same one used for their current set-top box – consumers can navigate through content, never having to switch inputs.

Deseo also supports the Verimatrix VideoMark™ watermarking solution. The VideoMark forensics profile is a user-specific watermarking solution that securely, robustly and imperceptibly hides detailed serialization information within high value media content at the point of display.

“New 4K/UHD video services must meet redefined security requirements from the Hollywood studios for content protection, which include an additional layer of security from watermarking,” said Petr Peterka, CTO of Verimatrix. “DMT’s Deseo featuring VideoMark represents a creative solution that addresses the unique needs of UHD services and helps operators respond to the market faster.”

At IBC, Deseo demonstrations will include:

  • Pay TV’s HD Gateway STB displaying HEVC encoded UHD/4K content broadcast
  • Pay TV’s HD Gateway STB seamlessly performing DVR operations of both HD & UHD. Use of Deseo is transparent to subscribers, as the user interface is done through the gateway HD STB
  • Deseo is always controlled by the pay TV operator’s STB – using a single remote
  • Deseo is a simple device which can be quickly and easily installed by subscribers

“We designed Deseo to be an easy, elegant answer to the 4K problem facing pay TV operators,” noted KW Lee, CTO of DMT. “Existing solutions, such as apps that run on your TV or a client UHD set-top box, are clumsy and don’t enhance the end user experience – rather, they detract from it. With Deseo, consumers get the UHD experience they crave, and operators are able to keep their customers happy – without having to spend enormous amounts of time and money developing their own solutions.”

DMT will give full demonstrations of Deseo at IBC 2015. Please contact Hyung Lim at or visit the DMT suite at the Hotel Novotel Amsterdam City, located at Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD.

About Digital Multimedia Technology

Digital Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. (DMT) develops broadcasting equipment and software for products including satellite, cable, and IP set-top boxes. Dedicated to providing pay TV operators with products that adapt to market changes since its inception in 2007, DMT also offers satellite broadcasting receivers, video and sound system instruments, and digital video recording systems. DMT is headquartered in South Korea, with a U.S. location in Cerritos, California. For more information, visit

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Release Summary

This week at IBC 2015, Digital Multimedia Technology (DMT) will debut Deseo, a TV companion device that transforms a pay TV HD gateway set-top box (STB) into a secure UHD/4K gateway solution.


Lages & Associates
Justine Houston-Brown
(949) 453-8080