Fortscale Targets Evolving Insider Threat Behavior With Enhanced Threat Detection Capabilities

Company’s Advanced User Behavior Analytics Solution Delivers Insight Into a Wide Variety of Insider Activity

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Fortscale Security Ltd., a leader in the growing field of User Behavior Analytics for enterprise security, is targeting insider threats by employing enhanced threat detection capabilities that identify the various behaviors typically associated with insider attacks. Fortscale’s proven user behavior analytics solution is designed to detect these anomalous behaviors, identify bad actors operating within a network, and alert security teams for a rapid response.

“An insider threat has many faces and comes in many different forms. Because so many of these attacks originate from a user with legitimate credentials, however, it is not uncommon for the breach to fly under-the-radar,” said Idan Tendler, founder & CEO, Fortscale. “Still, there are a myriad of warning signs to watch out for. At Fortscale, we’ve developed the capabilities to detect these warning signs leveraging user behavior analytics, and alert security teams to anomalous, potentially malicious activity that might otherwise go undetected.”

Fortscale can provide detection and response capabilities into a wide variety of insider threat attacks including:

  • Detecting Insider Reconnaissance - Access Rate Anomaly: If an account experiences a large increase in the number of times it is accessed during a period of time, it can be a good indicator of an automated process running on the system.
  • Detecting Lateral Movement - Compromised Credentials: Fortscale can use authentication information to detect anomalies resulting from users’ remote access.
  • Detecting Enterprise Persistence - Monitoring New Account Behavior: Fortscale constantly identifies new users and new machines in an enterprise and generates reports analysts can review to ensure these accounts and machines are valid in the network.
  • Detecting Lateral Movement - Compromised Service Account: Fortscale can automatically label users and machines based on many observed behaviors, helping analysts to quickly prioritize events for investigation.
  • Detecting Insider Theft - Resource Access Monitoring: Fortscale learns which machines users access in the enterprise and hunts for events that break that normal routine.
  • Detecting Insider Reconnaissance - Spikes in Accounts Accessed: Fortscale can identify if the number of records accessed far exceeded the normal amount accessed by the user or his peers.
  • Detecting Employee Misuse - Correlating Data Sources: Fortscale can identify disabled accounts via Active Directory information and hunt for other accounts in use by that user in different data sources.
  • Detecting Insider Theft - Data Transfer Behavior: Fortscale makes it easy to identify when a user has greatly exceeded his normal threshold of data transfer.

Insider threats continue to plague businesses of all sizes. A recent report from Crowd Research Partners and Vectra Networks found 62% of respondents said that insider threats have become a more frequent problem over the past year, and that such attacks are far more difficult to detect and prevent than external attacks. An additional 59% percent stated privileged users with legitimate access to information, but with poor control over their account details, pose the biggest threat. Fortscale’s user behavior analytics solution addresses these concerns with a proactive, intelligence-driven approach to cyber security that helps security professionals rapidly detect and respond to all varieties of insider threats.

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About Fortscale:

Fortscale delivers the industry’s most accurate, scalable and extendible User Behavior Analytics solution. Enterprises face a growing threat from malicious employees and external users that have hijacked and compromised legitimate user credentials to exploit data. These sophisticated attacks occurring from within the network are difficult for security analysts to detect using traditional security measures. As a result, a new approach is needed to secure enterprise networks and protect intellectual property. Fortscale provides a proven User Behavior Analytics solution designed to mitigate these insider threats. With deep big data expertise, superior analytics, unrivaled machine learning capabilities and global user profiling, Fortscale empowers analysts and security teams with unmatched user intelligence, prioritized alerts and easy-to-use investigation tools so they can quickly identify bad actors and respond to threats. For more information, visit


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Release Summary

Fortscale's User Behavior Analytics features enhanced capabilities that detect under-the-radar attacks linked to stolen user credentials.


Paul Fernandez, 408-439-4828