Mobile Clinical Documentation Has a New Name...Shareable

iOS Platform Allows Capture and Analysis of Structured and Unstructured Data

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--()--CEO Hal Andrews announced today the award-winning technology company Shareable Ink will now be simply... Shareable. The newly christened company also launched a new website featuring the rebranding of Shareable’s software solutions for clinicians, mobile healthcare technology innovators, and EMR providers.

“As a Nashville-based technology pioneer in the center of healthcare innovation, our vision has always been to provide intuitive, easy and useable technology that allows clinicians to focus on patient care,” explains Andrews. “Today, that means enabling natively mobile clinical documentation at the provider’s fingertips to capture data that is easily shared with any stakeholder. We believe this is essential for clinicians, mobile healthcare companies and EMR providers facing increasingly rigorous documentation requirements.”

Shareable’s software solution is now offered three ways:

Shareable Documents: Allows any clinician’s existing form-based workflow to be converted and configured into electronic documents using Shareable’s proprietary Mimeo technology.

Shareable Integration: Allows any healthcare technology provider to combine their mobile platform with Shareable’s native iOS solution, bringing clinical documentation functionality to their mobile application.

Shareable Platform: Provides a platform to enable EMR vendors to automate their customers’ paper-based documentation workflows and integrate that information into the EMR vendor’s system.

Andrews continues, “The deployment of structured EMR systems in the past few years has highlighted the numerous paper-based clinical documentation workflows that persist in healthcare. Shareable’s focus on capture of structured and unstructured clinical data, easily extracted or exchanged for analysis, is valuable in a growing number of clinical environments. And we’re ready to share in a way that works for you.”

Launched in 2009 as Shareable Ink, the technology innovator initially offered a digital pen and paper solution for clinical data capture. Shareable’s success in automating paper-based clinical documentation quickly made it a leader serving the anesthesia community. The firm has received numerous awards and recognitions since launch including local nods from the Nashville Technology Council and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce along with national notice from Gartner, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine.

About Shareable: Shareable is a Nashville-based, strategic healthcare technology solution provider offering a natively mobile clinical documentation platform for structured and unstructured data capture and exchange. For health systems, surgery centers, physician offices, nursing homes and more, we offer our highly customizable and scalable iOS platform to interface with existing workflows so healthcare providers can focus on patients, not technology. We share more at

Shareable is headquartered in the new ONEC1TY development. Phone: 877-572-7423. Email: URL:


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MOBILE CLINICAL DOCUMENTATION HAS A NEW NAME: SHAREABLE. CEO Hal Andrews announced today the award-winning technology company Shareable Ink will now be simply... Shareable.


Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, Inc.
Ellis Metz, 615-254-0575