Netbiscuits Launches Visitor ID, Boosting Cross-Device Web Visitor Identification

Brands can identify returning web visitors on different devices to deliver more targeted experiences

Visitor ID allows businesses to rebuild lost customer profiles through anonymous device detection

LONDON--()--Netbiscuits has today launched Visitor ID – a cross-device identification tool which recognizes a returning web visitor across multiple devices. As marketers struggle to map users who move from desktop, mobile and other connected devices, Netbiscuits Visitor ID will help marketers identify the same visitor on different devices to improve the user experience and marketing conversions.

A recent study found that 40% of internet connected adults in the US said that they started an online activity on one device only to finish it on another1. Netbiscuits Visitor ID will enable brands from various industry sectors, including Publishing and eCommerce, to address this challenge, by creating a single-view of a visitor’s behavior across the entire multi-device journey.

Each time a visitor loads a webpage, Netbiscuits performs an anonymous device detection check, combined with cookies and tags, creating a unique Device ID. This number is then cross checked against previous ID’s to identify a returning visitor. Each Device ID is then associated to a single user and delivered as a combined Visitor ID. The addition of device fingerprinting allows marketers to identify a returning customer even if cookies and web history data are no longer present, making it longer lasting than just using cookies.

Having the ability to rebuild visitor history allows marketers to maintain effective customer engagement and achieve longer-term return on investment. With this in mind, Netbiscuits Visitor ID also protects a brand’s investment in customer profile building, and can be integrated into an organization’s own database or CRM system to reconnect returning customers and better understand their web history and preferences across multiple devices.

Unlike other similar tools, Netbiscuits Visitor ID uses device fingerprinting built on Netbiscuits Device Detection solution, the industry’s most accurate and in-depth device library. The quality and detail of device detection increases accuracy of a customer ID.

Summary of Netbiscuits Visitor ID benefits

  • Brands can understand a visitor’s behavior across different devices to help increase conversion by serving up targeted content
  • Digital marketers can protect their investment in customer profile building projects, by supplementing data, such as cookies and e-tags with more longer-lasting device information
  • Organizations can improve visitor engagement and return on investment by delivering targeted experiences and content which matches their customer’s device and context

Consumers now have an unparalleled number of ways in which to engage with brands online. Cookies and e-tags have been an effective way of understanding visitor behavior and preferences, but as customers move across different devices, brands need a simple way of identifying the same visitors on different devices. Netbiscuits Visitor ID provides brands with customer friendly tools to deliver more targeted experiences, drive better engagement and ultimately improve online conversion.


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Netbiscuits provides digital marketers with cross device visitor identification, detection, and analytics tools to quickly visualize, measure & improve visitor engagement and conversion for the multiscreen world.

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Release Summary

Netbiscuits has today launched Visitor ID – a cross-device identification tool which recognizes a returning web visitor across multiple devices.


Stephen Dunne
07917 033499