New Leaf Africa Has Been Invited by Sierra Leone to Assist in Global Initiatives Geared toward Reducing Carbon Emissions

Sierra Leone Strengthens its Commitment to Preservation with Assistance From NLA

WASHINGTON--()--New Leaf Africa (NLA), leaders in sustainable technology, population health and renewable energy, has been invited by the Environment Protection Agency of Sierra Leone (EPA-SL), to partner and develop new programs for the EPA-SL.

The New Leaf Africa team is preparing for a detailed meeting with the EPA-SL in preparation for the programs. In this capacity, NLA will serve as advisor on long-term preservation efforts and play a key role in identifying, quantifying and qualifying current practices for the new standard of preservation and sustainability.

The Environment Protection Agency-Sierra Leone was established by an act of parliament to help protect and manage the country’s natural capital over the years.

In a letter addressed to the New Leaf Africa CEO, Haddijatou Jallow, Executive Chairperson of the EPA-SL cited that Sierra Leone is the third most vulnerable country, after Bangladesh and Guinea Bissau, in regards to the impact of climate change, and there is need to mainstream all efforts and resources toward the fight against climate change.

“We are increasingly experiencing the adverse effects of climate change in almost all sectors including agriculture, fisheries, tourism, forestry and infrastructure,” continued Jallow. “Sierra Leone's contribution to global emissions of green house gases is negligible, yet these impacts will continue to affect these vulnerable communities in the future.”

This has necessitated the establishment of a National Climate Change Secretariat to ensure the mainstreaming of climate change into national development planning and budgeting. This secretariat within the EPA-SL has facilitated the development of many programs such as National Climate Change Mainstreaming Guidelines for Ministries Departments Agencies (MDA's), the National Climate Change Policy, National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA), and very recently facilitating the compilation of Sierra Leone Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) towards supporting the new internationally binding agreement to be reached in Paris in December 2015.

“The initiative by New Leaf Africa to help hundreds of thousands of people, while at the same time decreasing the carbon foot of the country on the whole, is laudable idea which the EPA-SL is ready to partner with for greater success, “ added Jallow.

New Leaf Africa has been operating in three regions in Guinea since 2013 with their voluntary Blue Water Filtration project, which introduces water filtration units at the household level that require no energy or moving parts. This sustainable water technology will reduce or displace greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the thermal energy consumption of households.

“NLA focuses on projects that advance access to improved health, education and agricultural projects in local communities,” said Michael Keister, Co Founder and Board Member at New Leaf Africa. “Our boots-on-the-ground, community health officials have gathered local community support and formal consent from the tribal leaders and we are pleased to announce that community member participation has been favorable and supportive.”

About EPA-Sierra Leone

The vision of the Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone (EPA-SL) is to contribute to poverty reduction through sound environmental management, and ensuring a clean, healthy and secure environment in achieving the millennium development goals and sustainable development in Sierra Leone. Visit EPA-SL website.

About New Leaf Africa:

New Leaf Africa, with offices in the United States, London, Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo, Republic of Guinea and now Sierra Leone, houses a global team of leaders in technology, population health, and renewable energy to bring sustainable, development solutions to African regions. Contact NLA HERE or visit

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New Leaf Africa Invited by Sierra Leone to Assist in Global Initiatives for Reducing Carbon Emissions; Sierra Leone Strengthens its Commitment to Preservation with Assistance From NLA


New Leaf Africa
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