Windsor Circle Launches New Integration with Expanded eCommerce Capabilities

Powerful integration connects data from IBM Commerce Solutions to 16 Email Marketing Service Providers

DURHAM, N.C.--()--Windsor Circle, an award-winning retention marketing automation software and services provider, announced today they have released an integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce.

“We’re excited to go to market with an integration for IBM WebSphere Commerce. This marks an important connection between IBM eCommerce capabilities and a variety of leading email service providers and supports two powerful platforms that will drive revenue for online retailers,” noted Matt Williamson, Windsor Circle CEO.

Windsor Circle gathers shopping information from IBM WebSphere Commerce, applies proven data science and predictive analytics, then pushes actionable data and unique customer segments into an Email Marketing Service Provider (ESP). This enables marketers to power sophisticated, high-performing retention and promotional campaigns that maximize customer value. Currently, the integration can connect retailers to any one of Windsor Circle’s 16 supported ESPs.

“This integration unlocks a wide range of capabilities for retailers using IBM WebSphere Commerce, from automated customer retention and product replenishment campaigns to dynamic product recommendation and segmented promotions,” notes Andrew Pearson, Windsor Circle’s Vice President of Marketing. “Oftentimes, eCommerce and marketing data are siloed, leading to blanket, untargeted marketing messages. By connecting these two databases, marketers can be more personalized than ever, increasing customer loyalty and most importantly, revenue.”

By focusing on retention, Windsor Circle helps marketers maximize customer value by providing guaranteed integrations with leading eCommerce platforms, such as IBM WebSphere Commerce, pulling more than 70 data fields of customer information. This data is analyzed and allows the marketer to automate retention marketing campaigns., an outdoor sportswear retailer noted that retention marketing is incredibly important to their business. To date, the client has successfully imported and analyzed customer purchase history within the IBM Marketing Cloud to generate a multitude of retention marketing campaigns. One powerful example is a 3-part Post Purchase Email Series focusing on troubleshooting common issues that customers encountered when fitting their newly ordered ski boots at home.

“We use Windsor Circle for data automation and to collect the data into IBM Marketing Cloud to glean insights on shopping trends. We are then able to automate, and send all personalized messages to our customers,” said Nathan Decker, Director of eCommerce at evo. “The power of these two technologies has helped us grow the number of repeat buyers by 46%, as a result.”

Windsor Circle clients are seeing an average of 10x ROI and a 17%+ retention lift within 12 months of using the software.

“This collaboration allows our clients to help brands glean insights on shopping data collected by IBM WebSphere Commerce, and design more personalized marketing campaigns,” said Adam Orentlicher, Director of eCommerce Offerings & Strategy at IBM. “We’re excited to see our clients better engage with their customers, build brand loyalty and drive business growth.”

This integration marks the 17th eCommerce integration built by Windsor Circle. These eCommerce integrations bridge a disconnect between customer data stored in a merchant’s eCommerce platform with their email marketing service provider (ESP).

The IBM WebSphere integration is available directly through Windsor Circle. Contact +1-877-848-4113 or via for more information.

About Windsor Circle

Windsor Circle is a Customer Retention and Predictive Marketing platform for retailers. Windsor Circle powers big data integrations, advanced customer segmentation, and predictive, automated marketing programs including lifecycle, retention, loyalty, product replenishment, cart recovery, and browse abandonment campaigns. Clients see an average 10x ROI and a 17% lift in retention rates after 12 months on our platform.


Windsor Circle
Andrew Pearson, VP of Marketing, 877-848-4113


Windsor Circle
Andrew Pearson, VP of Marketing, 877-848-4113