TCL Showcases H8800, the TV Model Used on Forward Command Vehicles of China’s Military Parade, at IFA 2015 to Demonstrate Extraordinary Capabilities of Curved Surface TVs

Overview of TCL Booth at IFA 2015 (Photo: Business Wire)

BERLIN--()--IFA 2015, an annual global integrated consumer electronics technology exhibition, opened on September 4, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. It gathered numerous consumer electronics giants and presented a variety of innovative technologies and products. As China has emerged as a major innovative force in consumer electronics, over 30% of the exhibitors were from China, representing the strength of made-in-Chinas. Among the Chinese exhibitors, TCL gained the most attention with a collection of TV products, including QLED2.0, a masterpiece of quantum dot display products; H8800, the same curved TV as used on the forward command vehicles in China’s recent military parade; and H9700 the quantum dot TV, as well as the newly-launched refreshing super-large tablet XESS, GO PLAY the smartphone and GO WATCH the smart watch, and the Big Eye-Crystal drum washing machine in a German minimal style and BCD-750WEBS60 the four-door refrigerator. QLED2.0 and H8800 were also a highlight of the entire exhibition.

QLED2.0 with three updated technologies

As one of the world’s top consumer electronics shows comparable to CES, IFA fully presenting the cutting-edge products and the latest technical trends has become one of the world's largest and most influential international audiovisual and consumer electronics shows. The TCL booth measuring approximately 1,800 square meters, the largest among the Chinese exhibitors, was packed with consumers, especially in the QLED2.0 product experience area.

Since TCL launched China’s first quantum dot TV H9700 in December 2014, TCL has taken the lead in the display technology. Six months later, TCL moved to update the QLED technology. At the 24th Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) in late August, 2015, TCL announced cooperation with Dolby to jointly promote the new Dolby VisionTM, and launched QLED2.0, a big surprise for the Chinese TV industry. At IFA 2015, the presence of QLED2.0 before a global audience again caused a stir in the TV market.

At the TCL booth of IFA 2015, a number of international electronics experts agreed that with the launch of QLED2.0, TCL has taken a leading position in the area of quantum dot display technology. QLED2.0 is not only a big leap in TV display technology, but also a significant advantage against other companies in world-class display technology.

H8800 won IFA award

In addition to its "greatest treasure" QLED2.0, TCL also showcased a number of other attractive products to build the most powerful TV portfolio at this year’s IFA, including the curved TV H8800, the quantum dot TV H9700, the high-color gamut 4K TV E6800 which is able to rotate 180 degrees, and the ultra-thin TV C1 and other products, using the latest technologies including quantum dot, ultra thinness, curved surface, 4K and HDR.

"I did not expect to watch the Chinese military parade at IFA. It seems as if I were brought to the site on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square by the immersive experience generated by H8800," Jin Zhaoli, a visitor to the TCL booth, said. The H8800 TV at the booth, the same model as used on the forward command vehicles, replayed the grand scene of the military parade and attract numerous visitors.

According to Wang Rulin, Vice President of TCL Multimedia, TCL’s curved TV H8800 has helped the forward command vehicles to successfully complete the command tasks during the recent Chinese military parade and received positive feedback from the officers. The great vision, the super immersive experience, and the vivid details of H8800 played an important role for the forward command vehicles to take command of the overall situation.

The outstanding performance of H8800 not only enabled it to function in the grand military parade, but also win a major award, the “Innovative Product of the Year” Award in the "Promotion of Chinese Home Appliances Innovations" Award Ceremony at IFA 2015, representing the strength of the Chinese national industry.

TCL as pioneer of China’s“Made-in-China 2025” Plan

The Chinese exhibitors were a highlight of this year’s IFA, and TCL was an outstanding representative, with the largest product portfolio and the most diversified products, as well as the latest technologies comparable to Samsung and LG.

According to China’s “Made-in-China 2025” Plan, the country will place innovation at the heart of the development of its manufacturing industry to pursue an innovation-driven growth. Under this guideline, TCL has heavily depended on innovation from the construction of a vertical industrial chain for the panel business, the consolidation of the world-class curved surface technology and display technologies, to the integration of massive smart applications and content to stand out among other TV manufacturers.

According to Li Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Group, TCL Group filed 2,971 patent applications in 2014, among which 2,100 were invention patents, ranking it among the top 5 patent applicants in China. Its subsidiary CSOT was ranked as the 4th largest Chinese PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applicant. By virtue of the outstanding innovation capability and a strategic layout, TCL has seen success in multiple overseas markets and become one of the most successful Chinese companies seeking international expansion.

In 2014, TCL Group generated an operating revenue of RMB 101 billion, among which 47% was contributed by overseas markets. TCL was ranked was ranked No. 4, No. 6 and No. 5 worldwide in terms of sales volume of LCD TVs, cellphones, LCD panels, respectively, in 2014. "In the coming years, while maintaining our position in European and American markets, we will focus on developing the emerging markets such as South Africa, India, Brazil and Russia. Our strategy is not only to sell our products to these countries, but also to build local industrial bases and R&D centers, contribute to the development of the local economy and commit to our corporate social responsibility," Li said.


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Among the Chinese exhibitors, TCL gained the most attention with a collection of TV products, including QLED2.0, a masterpiece of quantum dot display products.


TCL Multimedia
Wang Xuan, +86 13927398964