StoryPop is Now Available on the iOS and Android App Stores

The Next Generation in Mobile Storytelling

StoryPop: fun and immersive storytelling on your phone or tablet (Photo: Business Wire)

BERKELEY, Calif.--()--StoryPop is the next generation in entertainment and fun on your mobile devices. StoryPop is the only place to discover and create content, stories and books in our new, game-changing format, optimized and built from the ground-up for mobile devices. Discover fun and entertaining stories that are displayed just as if you were reading a chat conversation, rich with characters, dialogues, images, videos and more. Create your own content, stories and books in the new chat-like format directly from your cell phone or tablet.

Our patent pending technology and tools transform the traditional storytelling experience that has existed for centuries into a modern and fresh one, giving a whole new look and feel to any story or book.

Any type of narrative-based story or book can be adapted or created with our new format.

Discover content created by other users around the world or experience existing stories and books such as Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz in a whole new way. Every week we are adapting more classic books into our new format. Comment, like and share the content you love. Follow your favorite content creators and support them. Be notified when new content is released.

Create unique content using our new format or adapt you existing one into it. Add characters to your creations, create dialogs, add images, videos and sounds. Let your creativity go wild. Export and share your creations.

StoryPop’s new format is just part of our offerings to content creators. We also bring a new twist to written content creation by enabling users to create their own channels to host and distribute content, create and manage a follower base and get subscribers and sponsors.

We have re-imagined how content should be created, discovered and experienced on mobile devices. Through our app and our patent pending format and tools, anyone can create or adapt existing content, stories or books into a media-rich and mobile-optimized format.

StoryPop is now available worldwide in English, Spanish and Korean and can be downloaded for Free from the iOS and Android App Stores.

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Ivan Buchanan, 510-323-5250
Skype: ivan.buchanan

Release Summary

StoryPop, the next generation in mobile content and storytelling is now available for iOS and Android. Create and discover content, books and stories in a chat-like format with images, videos and more


Ivan Buchanan, 510-323-5250
Skype: ivan.buchanan