Fortscale Advanced User Behavior Analytics Delivers the Intelligence Needed to Rapidly Detect and Respond to Insider Threats

Solution Performs Four Essential Tasks to Provide Actionable Insights on Anomalous User Behavior

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Fortscale Security Ltd., a leader in the growing field of User Behavior Analytics for enterprise security, delivers the intelligence needed to rapidly detect and respond to insider threats. The company’s award-winning, advanced user behavior analytics solution provides actionable insights on anomalous user behavior through a comprehensive approach that includes collecting user access data, profiling user behavior, discovering anomalous actions, and enabling rapid responses. Together, these tasks help security analysts identify insider threats, eliminating costly data breaches and mitigating cyber-attacks.

“Whether it’s a malicious employee or a hacker with stolen credentials, 85% of ALL data breaches result from insider threats,” said Idan Tendler, Founder & CEO, Fortscale. “Our solution focuses on the user, detecting suspicious activity and alerting security teams to the highest risk activities within their network environment so that they can investigate and take immediate action if necessary.”

Fortscale User Behavior Analytics performs four essential tasks in order to provide actionable insights on anomalous user behavior:

1. Collect User Access Data – Fortscale taps into existing log management repositories such as the SIEM or Splunk in order to fetch relevant security information. This information is correlated with Active Directory information and other contextual data.

2. Profile User Behavior – Once the data is streamed and collected by Fortscale, the Fortscale Analytics Engine establishes a behavioral baseline per employee using historical log data.

3. Discover Anomalous Actions – Fortscale uses behavioral modeling and statistical analysis in order to determine how anomalous each event and each parameter is when compared to the specific user and its reference group of contextual and behavioral peers.

4. Enable Rapid Responses – Fortscale provides a toolbox of analytical capabilities to visualize the data, query historically, and generate reports in order to quickly drill-down into an incident using all the evidence available and determine the likelihood of a breach.

Leveraging this workflow, Fortscale’s User Behavior Analytics solution has enabled organizations around the globe to transform their myriad of data sources into actionable intelligence that improves their ability to defend themselves from targeted attacks and cyber criminals in real-time.

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About Fortscale:

Fortscale delivers the industry’s most accurate, scalable and extendible User Behavior Analytics solution. Enterprises face a growing threat from malicious employees and external users that have hijacked and compromised legitimate user credentials to exploit data. These sophisticated attacks occurring from within the network are difficult for security analysts to detect using traditional security measures. As a result, a new approach is needed to secure enterprise networks and protect intellectual property. Fortscale provides a proven User Behavior Analytics solution designed to mitigate these insider threats. With deep big data expertise, superior analytics, unrivaled machine learning capabilities and global user profiling, Fortscale empowers analysts and security teams with unmatched user intelligence, prioritized alerts and easy-to-use investigation tools so they can quickly identify bad actors and respond to threats. For more information, visit


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Fortscale details four crucial actions for developing actionable insights on anomalous user behavior, mitigating insider threats.


Paul Fernandez, 408-439-4828