Shuddle Launches New Carpooling Service to Replace Mom’s Minivan

With School Back in Session, Shuddle Eases Busy Schedules With a Safe, Reliable Carpool Service

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--()--Shuddle, the first rideshare service designed to transport busy families, today announced the launch of a new carpool service, Shuddle Carpool, that will get kids where they need to be in safe, conveniently arranged rides. Shuddle is evolving the everyday carpooling experience by providing safe and reliable rides that help parents to manage their busy schedules through an easy to use mobile app.

“Carpooling isn’t a new concept, but we recognized it was one that could be transformed through our app,” said Carly Lutz, SVP of Family Experience at Shuddle. “We’ve given tens of thousands of safe rides over the past year, and are excited to introduce Carpooling to our users. Families already like to use carpools because it saves each family valuable time, and kids and teens like carpools because they can ride with their friends, but often the reality of scheduling a carpool can be a lot of work. Shuddle Carpool makes it easy to schedule a carpool with trusted and reliable drivers, giving families their time back, and giving the kids the independence and fun of having their own scheduled rides for school pick-ups, drop-offs, and everything in between.”

Designed by Parents, For Parents

No app requires more thought and attention to detail than one designed to transport loved ones. To create the safest possible experience, Shuddle’s team of engineers, designers, and moms conducted extensive research, interviews, and testing to create an app that is technically advanced enough to meet the unique transportation needs of children, and simple enough for everyday use.

“Managing a carpool schedule for my family is always difficult come the start of the school year. From finding families that live close by to coordinating parent work schedules and after school activities, it almost seems impossible,” said Tae Coleman of Berkeley, Shuddle user and mother of two. “I’m excited to use Shuddle Carpool because it will take a weight off my shoulders not only by helping coordinate all of our carpool schedules, but also because I will feel safe knowing I get to choose who my kids are riding with in their carpool.”

How it Works

One organizer will initiate the carpool through the app and invite other families they know via their mobile numbers. If the invited family doesn’t have a Shuddle account, we’ll invite them to sign up when they receive their carpool invitation. Each carpool ride can hold a maximum of four passengers, who share either the same drop-off or pick-up location, or both, with an option for parents to add and save pick-up and drop-off instructions for each passenger, to be used by their driver. Shuddle Carpool also calculates the safest and most efficient routes to save families money and time on rides. Shuddle Carpool participants pay only for their most efficient route within the ride; each family is charged only for the distance from their own pick-up to their own drop-off location. Additionally, Shuddle Carpool provides significant savings to families relative to single-family rides, with most carpools costing 30%-50% less than the same single-family ride. All parties involved with each carpool ride receive notifications throughout the duration of the ride, and Shuddle sends out confirmations and reminders to all participating families.


Shuddle undergoes an extensive safety and security process to provide the most trusted and reliable rideshare service for families. All drivers are thoroughly vetted through the rigorous ShuddleSafe verification process. Before a driver can get behind the wheel, Shuddle runs an extensive criminal background and DMV records check, conducts face-to-face interviews and checks two employer references through a third-party, and requires 100% of its drivers to be Trustline certified. Shuddle rides can be monitored in real-time using GPS technology from Shuddle HQ as well as through a third party validator, Zendrive. Additionally, Shuddle’s in-app support allows both parents and drivers to contact Shuddle staff at any time during a ride. Shuddle gives parents complete control by allowing them to invite families they know to the ride. Upon pick-up, each kid is required to confirm their Shuddle Pass, a unique secret word chosen by the family, by pushing a “that’s me” button on the driver’s cell phone when shown their own picture matched with their Shuddle Pass.

Shuddle charges a monthly $9 membership, which is waived for first-time users for the first month, to support Shuddle’s best-in-industry safety program, ShuddleSafe, which includes custom insurance for transporting kids and the extensive background check process. Starting at a minimum of $8, all fares are based on distance, and an estimate is given when users schedule rides. Shuddle rides can be scheduled in advance or last minute. Shuddle operates in 6 counties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including San Francisco, Marin, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Alameda and Santa Clara counties. The Shuddle Carpool app update is available for parents on iOS in the App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store.

About Shuddle

Founded in 2013 by rideshare industry veteran Nick Allen (and former Head of Operations and co-founder of Sidecar), Shuddle is the leading rideshare service designed specifically to transport busy families. Shuddle provides a safe, convenient and reliable option that helps everyone from kids to grandparents get to where they need to be. From home to school to soccer practice, piano class, play dates and everything in between, all rides are scheduled in advance. Every driver has caregiver experience and undergoes the extensive ShuddleSafe verification process. A Shuddle ride is like having a nanny and extra helping hand available to get your family wherever they need to go. Learn more at


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Shuddle Launches New Carpooling Service to Replace Mom’s Minivan. With School Back in Session, Shuddle Eases Busy Schedules With a Safe, Reliable Carpool Service


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Donna Brown, 714-928-7449