Engadget Announces Series Launch of ‘Citizen Mars’

The First Ever Series Featuring Personal Stories of Hopefuls for the Mars One Mission Launches September 1st


LONDON & NEW YORK--()--Engadget announced today that its upcoming digital video series, CITIZEN MARS, will launch on September 1st 2015. The docu-series is the first of its kind to feature personal stories and first-person accounts from those competing to secure a real-life seat- and one-way ticket- on MARS One to explore and colonize Mars.

CITIZEN MARS follows five individuals as they prepare for the opportunity to be part of the Mars One mission that aims to land the first humans on the Red Planet and establish a permanent human colony there by 2027. For those who are chosen, it will be the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s also a one-way trip -- they will never return to Earth.

Through interviews and an in-depth look at these everyday people from around the world, CITIZEN MARS sheds light on the obsession with the future, adventure and space, that’s propelling these contestants to leave everything—and everyone—behind…forever.

CITIZEN MARS is reflective of the new Engadget. We’re putting a big emphasis on video and bringing high-quality episodic content and great story telling to our viewers,” said Michael Gorman, Editor-in-Chief of Engadget, “There’s a tremendous amount of interest in the Mars One project and many are skeptical about the mission’s feasibility which is why we thought it an important story to tell, and why the subjects involved are so compelling.”

“Engadget is that brand that takes the future and tells us about it, as they do with CITIZEN MARS,” said Dermot McCormack, President of AOL Video and AOL Studios. "Which is why we are so excited to introduce this one-of-a-kind show that continues to showcase how incredibly brave these candidates are and the impact technology has on all of our lives."

The series subjects include:

Sue Ann Pien: a 35-year-old who works at a small tech company and lives in Los Angeles with her partner, Cynthia Catania, a singer-songwriter. An avid rock climber and world traveler, Sue Ann has been fascinated by space since she was a little girl and even has a tattoo of the solar system on her skull.

Mohammed Sallam: a 32-year-old who lives in Cairo with his younger brother, Marwan. Mohammed, aka Mido, works at a life-insurance company and plays professional basketball for a team in Egypt. His parents and youngest brother were killed in a car accident when Mido was seventeen and Marwan was thirteen.

Pietro Aliprandi: a 25-year-old who lives in Trieste, Italy. He recently completed medical school and is now training to be a psychiatrist. He has also written an unpublished novel and produced a feature-length film that was never distributed. He is very close with his parents, who live in Conegliano, not far from Venice.

Adriana Marais: a 31-year-old who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Arguably the most qualified of the series’ Mars One candidates, Adriana recently completed a Ph.D. in quantum biology, and she has an encyclopedic knowledge of space exploration.

Shradha Prasad: a 19-year-old who lives in Coimbatore, India. She sleeps in the same bed as her mother, Geetha, who fled an abusive husband to make sure Shradha would be able to go to university and pursue her dreams. Shradha is a mechanical-engineering student, and she loves go-karts.

CITIZEN MARS will premiere with a total of five episodes airing at engadget.com/citizen-mars.

TRAILER URL: http://www.engadget.com/2015/08/20/citizen-mars-trailer/

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