Manzama Inc. Launches Zama

New Product Brings the Power of Manzama to Small & Boutique Firms Worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Manzama Inc. today announced the launch of Zama, a software tool for solo attorneys and small and boutique law firms worldwide. The Zama solution now makes available to smaller firms many of the same powerful features and capabilities of its company’s flagship news monitoring and intelligence platform for larger firms, Manzama.

Zama is a web-based content discovery and intelligence platform that scours the web for relevant information about those things important to a lawyer’s practice. Examples would include tracking developments around a lawyer’s clients, practice areas, industry sectors (upon which they may focus), or any other topic of importance or interest to them. Mining from tens of thousands of sources multiple times daily, Zama delivers one consolidated and customized email for the lawyer, helping them to become more informed in a matter of minutes every day. Zama serves as a replacement for newsletters, Google alerts, and time spent actively searching on the Internet.

Zama Highlights:

  • One consolidated daily email alert containing the latest developments and insights relevant to a lawyer’s practice
  • A personalized dashboard which allows lawyers to monitor clients, prospects, peers, events, issues, and news topics in a single interface
  • Advanced filtering capabilities allowing lawyers to uncover important developments within circuit courts (i.e. the 9th Circuit), practice areas (i.e. Labor & Employment), geographic regions, and key developments around clients, competitors, or prospects
  • Robust analytics which allow for lawyers to begin to understand larger sets of information without having to read scores of articles
  • A streamlined mobile app that allows professionals to take the power of their Zama dashboard on the go

Zama Benefits:

  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Better understanding of clients’ businesses and industries
  • Find information of relevance and value to clients
  • Increase thought leadership initiatives by generating content for newsletters, client alerts, microsites, and blogs
  • Replace multiple alerts, subscriptions, newsletters, and feeds with one consolidated source

Zama Commentary:

  • Peter Ozolin, CEO of Manzama Inc.

“Zama is incredibly valuable in that it is a one-stop shop for your news monitoring needs. Whether you’re on the go or on your desktop, Zama’s customizable dashboard will ensure you receive all of the news updates, trends, and opportunities you need throughout the day.”

“Zama is the perfect, affordable solution for small and mid-size firms.”

“Information and intelligence is often the difference between winning a client or losing them. Small firms and solo attorneys have, until now, been at a severe information disadvantage. That’s a problem Zama solves.

  • Amir Tadjedin, Partner of Markun Zusman Freniere Compton LLP

“We have found great value in Zama. It’s a one-stop shop for each of our lawyers for getting up to the minute intelligence around the issues and topics that effect their clients, and that they must know about.”

  • Janice Brown, Founder & Partner of Brown Law Group

“Zama easily helps us get information that clients value around their industries, and helps us build stronger client relationships.”

  • Adam Grant, Partner of Alpert Barr Grant

“Zama has been the number one factor in helping build a new practice around mobile apps.”

  • Jason Miller, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC

“Zama enables attorneys to stay on top of clients and prospects better than ever before. By doing so, it’s going to make lives easier.”

  • Erin MacDonald, Partner of Karnopp Petersen LLP

“Zama saves time. It streamlines the content distribution process and helps reach difficult-to-reach people.”

For a demonstration of Zama please contact or visit and sign up for a free, 30-day trial.

About Manzama Inc.

Manzama Inc. is a next-generation information discovery and content management platform, specifically designed for legal professionals, that mines and analyzes vast amounts of business and legal related news and information and delivers customized, consolidated, and highly relevant intelligence to each individual across the firm. Manzama gives its users a knowledge advantage by making the process of finding and sharing powerful insights easy.


Manzama Inc.
Jessica Crouch, PR & Media Relations


Manzama Inc.
Jessica Crouch, PR & Media Relations