Indonesia! Get Ready to Look Like Your Daughter's Sister!

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SEOUL, South Korea--()--Nobody can beat against the time or avoid getting the sign of aging, the wrinkles. Wrinkle plastic surgery removes excessive tissue by lifting the loose skin/muscle and the most popular ones are blepharoplasty, face lift, and thread lifting. TL Plastic Surgery Korea restores the youth to those who look older than their age and are concerned about their look.

Goodbye saggy lower eyes- Lower blepheroptosis

Under-eye areas lose elasticity and the eye-bag becomes saggy with age, causing the wrinkles to increase. This not only makes you look older, but the bulging fat becomes the root of dark circles, giving you tired impression. Lower blepheroptosis takes care of both fat & wrinkles under the eyes. Incision is made on the lower lashes, fat is repositioned to be made flat, muscles is pulled. Natural loveband with fat during the lower blepheroptosis can create lively & younger look.

Fast recovery, effective results- Thread lifting

Thread lifting is inserting medical threads, which stimulates collagen production and cell renewal activities around the inserted threads to lift the saggy skin and restore elasticity. Very short surgery time (30-40 minutes) fast recovery, short downtime to return to daily life are the biggest pros. TL uses customized threads with different texture, thickness, and shape, depending on the patients' status to give the best lifting result.

Droopy to bright and young- Brow lift

Loose eyelids sag down, blocking your sight and sometimes even make your eyes bloodshot, and making forehead wrinkles by using the forehead muscles subconsciously. Browlift removes the sagging eyelids and precisely measure to excise over-developed muscles, fat, and skin, creating brighter eyes.

Take you back to 10 years before- Facelift

Facelift improves the wrinkles around & between the eyes, smilelines, jawline, and neck all at the same time, lifting the sagging skin on the face & neck, even improving the deep wrinkles on the face to give you the youthful appearance. Facelift lifts the droopy skin around the neck to behind the ears, and removes the skin to improve the wrinkles, and the incision line is hardly seen.

TL Plastic Surgery Korea is an expert at age-appropriate youth restoration solution. Through consultation with the TL wrinkle plastic surgery specialists will give you the safest & most satisfactory surgery results.

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Indonesia! Get Ready to Look Like your Daughter's Sister!


TL Plastic Surgery
Melissa Moon, +82-2-4579-2820(Landline) app:+82-10-5489-7667