FRN Variable Rate Fix


03 August 2015

Issue: Wessex Water Services Finance Plc

1.3690PCT. Index Linked Guaranteed Bonds Due 2057


Pursuant to our appointment as Agent for the above stated issue, please be advised of the following interest rate determination:

Date From: 31 July 2015

Date To: 31 January 2016

Record Date: 27 January 2016

Value Date: 01 February 2016

Benchmark Rate: %

Margin: %

Total Rate: 1.818%

Number of Days: 184

Day Count: Actual / Actual (ICMA)

Interest Frequency: Semi-Annually

Total Amount Due:

GBP 681,750.00

Interest Per 1K: GBP 9.09

Pool Factor: 1

Short Name: Wessex Water Ser Plc
Category Code: RC
Sequence Number: 478118
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20150805T102558+0100


Wessex Water Ser Plc


Wessex Water Ser Plc