TrainingRocket Becomes Learndot as Demand for Software Skills Climbs

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Media coverage of coding academies and software boot camps has highlighted the recent growth of the technology education movement. Academies and boot camps enable individuals to advance their careers by learning technical skillsets that will qualify them to join the highly in-demand talent pools fueling today’s booming software economy (Source).

VentureBeat recently reported that the number of Docker-related job listings grew from 2,500 in 2014 to 43,000 in 2015 — a staggering 1,720 percent increase (Source). With the demand for technology skills growing this fast, coding academies alone are insufficient for addressing the significant skills gaps facing today’s high tech economy. Software companies must now take an active part in teaching new technology to their customers and employees in order to help organizations close the skills gap.

To facilitate this, ServiceRocket, a customer success company that helps enterprises and users successfully incorporate software into their businesses through training, support and utilization, announced today that their TrainingRocket Learning Management System (LMS) platform will become Learndot, a LMS built specifically to help fast-growing enterprise software companies build strategic customer education functions. The LMS is used by many of today’s leading software companies such as Cloudera, NGINX, Mulesoft, Docker and many others to power their online customer universities and training businesses.

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Bridging the Technology Gap Between Fast-Growing Software Companies And Enterprise Customers Through Education

With the Learndot launch, ServiceRocket is leading the way for helping software training businesses quickly train more customers and help them address the technology skills gap. In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously said, “software is eating the world.” To take matters into their own hands, successful software companies are now investing heavily in developing software training programs that help customers learn, adopt, and achieve desired outcomes through the use of their software.

Using Learndot, software companies can develop technical training, promote curriculums, manage registration, and process payments with a white-labeled, branded training experience. Training is delivered through a beautiful, intuitive interface that seamlessly aligns with the look and feel of their brand to give customers a unified user experience across every touch point.

Learndot is by far the fastest and best way to build a scalable training business,” said ServiceRocket CEO Robert Castaneda. “It is a LMS designed specifically for fast-growing software companies because it grows with your brand and systems.”

With Learndot, fast-growing software companies can build strong and scalable customer training functions, reduce friction in customer training, and increase successful software adoption and retention for maximizing customer lifetime revenue. Software companies now have the tools to transform technology skills gaps from a missed opportunity to a revenue-generating possibility.

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ServiceRocket is a Palo Alto-based software company with offices in Australia, Malaysia, Chile and the United States. We ensure enterprises and users successfully incorporate software into their businesses and lives – so they use it, love it and do more. Through training, support and utilization, ServiceRocket creates long-lasting, loyal relationships between software companies, enterprises and their software by delivering these elements to enable customer success.


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TrainingRocket becomes Learndot as demand for software skills climbs, bridging the technology gap between fast-growing software companies and enterprise customers through education.


Sarah E. Brown, 650-403-1195