LifeFone Mobile Smartphone Personal Security Now Available to Consumers Nationwide

Two leading personal response technology leaders join to make industry award winning personal security smartphone app available to consumers anywhere, anytime for pennies a day

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Mobile personal security now available on your smartphone.

BOCA RATON, Fla.--()--Feeling safer away from home just got easier with LifeFone’s Mobile Personal Security, mPERS app, powered by SmartTek Systems. The “personal On Star-like” system is now available to any consumer with a smartphone, anywhere there is cell service. With one touch of a button on a smartphone, an individual, a family, a loved one away at college or employees can feel protected with GPS tracking and/or immediate access to LifeFone’s call center professionals, who can even provide “concierge” security service should one feel threatened and want to be accompanied until feeling safe.

To see what the apps do, view this short video.

“LifeFone provides peace of mind and personal security with the push of your smartphone button, for pennies a day. Our location tracking is often more accurate than 911. You can protect yourself, your family and your employees anywhere in the U.S., anytime, using your smartphone,” said LifeFone President Ron Maggio. We say that LifeFone’s service is not only affordable, it’s priceless!

“This technology goes way beyond a simple call to 911 for three reasons,” said Barry Schweiger, co-founder of SmartTek Systems:

1. You don’t have to speak to get help when you press your button.

2. Your call center immediately accesses the profile you’ve provided when you press your panic button. They know who you are, what vital medical and personal information to relay to first responders.

3. The ability to locate you is often more precise than 911.

Industry leaders SmartTek Systems and medical alert provider LifeFone are bringing similar security that millions have in their homes to their phones with LifeFone Mobile Alert and LifeFone Family Guard, both powered by SmartTek Systems. The system works via an app downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store, costing just pennies a day. To get started, visit LifeFone or call (800) 882-2280.

To read the full text of the Press Release, visit LifeFone.


For LifeFone
Shep Doniger, 561-637-5750

Release Summary

Smartphone personal security app provides one touch access to monitoring professionals, GPS tracking, medical issue identification and more for pennies a month.


For LifeFone
Shep Doniger, 561-637-5750