MFS Announces Closed-End Fund Distributions

BOSTON--()--MFS Investment Management® (MFS®) announced today monthly distributions of the following closed-end funds, all with declaration dates of August 3, 2015, ex-dividend dates of August 18, 2015, record dates of August 20, 2015, and payable dates of August 31, 2015:


Fund (ticker)




Other Sources/


Total Amount/

MFS® California Municipal Fund
  $0.0510   $0.0000   $0.0510
MFS® Charter Income Trust
  $0.0000   $0.064960   $0.064960
MFS® Government Markets Income Trust
  $0.0000   $0.034990   $0.034990
MFS® High Income Municipal Trust
  $0.02550   $0.0000   $0.02550
MFS® High Yield Municipal Trust
  $0.0240   $0.0000   $0.0240
MFS® InterMarket Income Trust I
  $0.0000   $0.051430   $0.051430
MFS® Intermediate High Income Fund
  $0.0000   $0.023480   $0.023480
MFS® Intermediate Income Trust
  $0.0000   $0.036460   $0.036460
MFS® Investment Grade Municipal Trust
  $0.0430   $0.0000   $0.0430
MFS® Multimarket Income Trust
  $0.0000   $0.046680   $0.046680
MFS® Municipal Income Trust
  $0.0330   $0.0000   $0.0330
MFS® Special Value Trust
  $0.0000   $0.053420   $0.053420

As previously announced on February 12, 2015, the following funds implemented managed distribution plans beginning in May 2015: MFS Charter Income (NYSE: MCR), MFS InterMarket Income Trust I (NYSE: CMK), MFS Intermediate High Income Fund (NYSE: CIF) and MFS Multimarket Income Trust (NYSE: MMT).

^The fund has adopted a managed distribution plan. Under a managed distribution plan, to the extent that sufficient investment income is not available on a monthly basis, the fund will distribute long-term capital gains and/or return of capital in order to maintain its managed distribution level. You should not draw any conclusions about the fund’s investment performance from the amount of the fund’s distributions or from the terms of the fund’s managed distribution plan. The Board of the fund may amend the terms of the plan or terminate the plan at any time without prior notice to the fund's shareholders. The amendment or termination of a plan could have an adverse effect on the market price of the fund’s common shares. The plan will be subject to periodic review by the Board. With each distribution that does not consist solely of net investment income, the fund will issue a notice to shareholders and an accompanying press release which will provide detailed information regarding the amount and composition of the distribution and other related information. The amounts and sources of distributions reported in the notice to shareholders are only estimates and are not being provided for tax reporting purposes. The actual amounts and sources of the amounts for tax reporting purposes will depend upon the fund’s investment experience during its full fiscal year and may be subject to changes based on tax regulations. The fund will send shareholders a Form 1099-DIV for the calendar year that will tell them how to report these distributions for federal income tax purposes. The fund may at times distribute more than its net investment income and net realized capital gains; therefore, a portion of the distribution may result in a return of capital. A return of capital may occur, for example, when some or all of the money that shareholders invested in the fund is paid back to them. A return of capital does not necessarily reflect a fund’s investment performance and should not be confused with ‘yield’ or ‘income’. Any such returns of capital will decrease the fund's total assets and, therefore, could have the effect of increasing the fund's expense ratio. In addition, in order to make the level of distributions called for under its plan, the fund may have to sell portfolio securities at a less than opportune time. For estimated source information for distributions paid in prior periods, please see and click on the following links: Products, Closed-End Funds, Dividend Source Information.

*Distribution from "Other Sources" may contain sources of income other than ordinary income, such as short term capital gains, long term capital gains, or return of capital, which can not be determined until the close of the fund's fiscal year end. Distributions that are treated for federal income tax purposes as a return of capital will reduce a shareholder‘s tax basis in his or her shares and, to the extent the distribution exceeds a shareholder‘s adjusted tax basis, will be treated as a gain to the shareholder from a sale of shares. Please see the fund's most recent dividend source information available from payable date at for the breakdown of the distribution.

Investors who want to make changes to their accounts should contact their financial advisor, brokerage firm, or other nominee with whom the shares are registered. If shares are registered with the funds’ transfer agent, Computershare, the transfer agent may be contacted directly at 800-637-2304, or

About MFS Investment Management
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The funds are closed-end investment products. Common shares of the funds are only available for purchase/sale on the NYSE at the current market price (NYSE MKT for MFS California Municipal Fund). Shares may trade at a discount to NAV.

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Eric Zubris, 800-343-2829, ext. 56152
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James Aber, 617-954-6154
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Shareholders or Advisors investment product information:
Eric Zubris, 800-343-2829, ext. 56152
Media Only:
James Aber, 617-954-6154
Dan Flaherty, 617-954-4256