NextCore Launches Integral VR Experience Platform Including VR App, VR Headset and VR Content Sharing Service

NOON VR allows users to transcend the world around them with a truly immersive and interactive virtual reality experience. Now available to consumers, NOON VR offers a complete platform including VR headset, VR app and VR content sharing service. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--NextCore Corporation, a global leader in developing superior VR technology and content, is excited to announce the launch of its NOON VR, an integrated VR experience platform, enabling users to upload and share their own videos, as well as stream or download other’s videos easily, via the dedicated app. The NOON VR mobile app (available for iOS & Android) enables users to browse and watch any videos stored in their phone in virtual reality mode, as well as numerous online videos.

To accompany the app, NOON VR also launched an affordable VR headset, which will be available to consumers on Monday, August 3, 2015. The NOON VR headset will be available online through Amazon and the NOON VR website for $89. Each NOON VR headset will ship with a unique app activation code to authorize the use of the exclusive NOON VR app. Boasting the most responsive and superior user interface control on the market, compared to the Cardboard app and many others, NOON VR’s app allows users to navigate and select content and menus with simple head movements, eye gaze and finger tap gestures.

Users will also have access to the KOOM VR content sharing service, which currently hosts more than 1,000 pieces of VR content, including 360-degree environments, stereoscopic 3D videos, user-generated content and many other immersive experiences.

“Virtual reality technology is improving drastically on a daily basis but viable content is lagging,” says Jong Hyeon Kang, CEO at NextCore Corp. “We have not only created an affordable way to transcend reality in immersive 3D through virtual experiences, but have engineered and developed content that engrosses users in a collaborative app. NOON VR plans to empower a community of VR enthusiasts to influence the next era of VR content. By strategically partnering with KOOM VR, a VR video-sharing platform, users will enjoy exclusive access to the cloud-based virtual reality video streaming service, directly via the NOON VR app. Thus providing an entire VR ecosystem to everyone with a very affordable price and leading the VR experience by making it available to anyone is our vision and ultimate goal.”

Most available VR systems currently have ecosystems that rely too narrowly on respective verticals, largely within VR content creation; KOOM VR has already addressed these content distribution issues. Not only are image defects like camera lens distortions and stereo-rig misalignment automatically corrected by KOOM VR when videos are uploaded from a user’s phone, but the depth of 3D videos can also be provided without any professional post-production work just by uploading the videos the user has filmed unto KOOM VR.

The NOON VR headset is compatible with various smartphones and works with a myriad of virtual reality apps, utilizing the owner's own smartphone while offering a 95 degree field of view each. By harnessing the smartphone’s native capabilities including sensors, on-screen display and computing power, it eliminates the need for additional power sources or wires, making the NOON VR headset the most lightweight and portable option on the market. The NOON VR headset frames dock easily with phones 4.7 - 5.5 inches, including the Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4/S3, Samsung Note 4/Note 3 and more.

NOON VR boasts many features including a quick and secure one-snap smartphone docking system, ultra-fast head tracking capabilities that utilize smartphone sensors, zero power consumption and an advanced air ventilation system to prevent lenses from fogging during prolonged usage. The NOON VR headset’s adjustable straps and padded facemask offer users an extremely comfortable fit for extended periods of time. As comfort serves as a defining feature of NOON VR, watching films (both 3D and IMAX) with an incredible field of view from their smartphones is quite enjoyable.

Additional features include:

  • Versatility with the latest smartphones: NOON VR is compatible with many smartphones, including iPhone 6/6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4/S3, Samsung Note 4/Note 3, LG Optimus G3/G3a/G2, Xperia Z3/Z2, Nexus 5, MI3, MI Note, One, Moto G, VEGA Secret Note, ZenFone 2, Honor 6 Plus, AQUOS PHONE ZETA and many more.
  • Portability: As there are no external wires, PC connection or any other external devices, NOON VR is the lightest virtual reality headset on the market, weighing 8oz (230g).
  • High quality lenses: Large, wide-angle lenses offer users a 95-degree (per lens) field of view for a wider virtual reality experience. NOON VR includes a focus dial to tweak and personalize the viewing experience.

About NextCore

NextCore Corporation, a VR startup based in Seoul, Korea, was launched in 2014. As a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of 3D VR headset, connected with various smartphones, NextCore Corp. enables the implementation of optimum 3D VR content, based on the mobile graphic engine and CG software solution. Since its initial development of 3D VR headset in 2012, the company has accumulated the necessary know-how and technology to establish a stable VR manufacturing base, in collaboration with a manufacturer dedicated to 3D glasses and 4D system. NextCore seeks to be a worldwide leader in 3D & 4D virtual reality specialized enterprise, complete with the competitiveness of VR headset and content.

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PMBC Group
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