Introducing LUX2016 from ICG Solutions: A Powerful Social Analytics Platform to Track Sentiment Around Trending Candidates and Issues

Using popular social feeds like Twitter and continuous news monitoring, LUX2016 tracks, compares, and analyzes trends among political candidates and issues in real-time

CHANTILLY, Va.--()--Introducing LUX2016, a new solution based on the LUX analytics platform, that is tailor-made to closely track the candidates and issues that matter most in the 2016 US federal and state elections.

LUX2016 allows anyone interested in politics as well as associations, campaigns, and political organizations to see how candidates are faring in real-time. The system tracks major issues, including jobs, immigration, foreign policy, abortion, gun-control and more by monitoring all incoming tweets and news that mention or allude to those issues. It then applies proprietary algorithms to derive and analyze overall sentiment, visually revealing how people feel about each candidate. Issue tracking happens continuously and in real-time as new data arrives, so that each candidate can be monitored in terms of how they’re perceived on each issue.

LUX2016 incorporates data from the Global Database of Events, Languages, and Tone (GDELT) and Twitter. GDELT curates the world’s news by scouring the Internet in near real-time, translating articles written in over 60 languages.

Data from Twitter is also aggregated, scanned and analyzed nearly instantaneously. Users simply choose single or multiple candidates or issues and LUX2016 will create a visual analysis of all Twitter mentions and news stories about that candidate or issue over a specified period of time.

“LUX2016 is a game changer because it makes political big data analytics simple enough for anyone to use,” said David Waldrop, President & CEO at ICG Solutions. “With LUX2016, users can pick out important details from debates in real-time, predict candidate controversies, pinpoint candidate strengths and weaknesses, predict polling data, and even predict how people will vote, all without needing to know how to code or crunch mounds of data.”

LUX2016 is part of the LUX platform of big data analytics solutions. LUX makes sense of large amounts of data in motion. It gathers, aggregates, correlates and alerts users to high-value discoveries in real time, leading to faster and more thorough decisions in time-critical situations. It complements, supplements, enhances and extends current data analytics systems, freeing developers, IT experts and data scientists to move to more complicated initiatives within their companies.

LUX features include:

  • Near real-time streaming of the world’s news and select Twitter activity.
  • Geospatial, chronological, and timeline views of incoming data.
  • Time-correlated discovery analysis that combines and correlates Twitter and GDELT data
  • Ability to create geographical, political, and demographic areas of interest for precise targeting and monitoring of campaign strategies, developments, and reactions
  • Instantaneous data analytics
  • A powerful, easy to master user interface
  • Customizable rules incorporating GDELT and Twitter data

Try out LUX2016 at no cost during the upcoming presidential debates. For more information and to register for LUX2016 and the LUX platform, visit:

About ICG

ICG is a Maryland-based corporation specializing exclusively in real-time streaming analytics and the development of the LUX platform. The core technical team behind ICG was purposefully recruited and assembled because of each member’s experience with engineering real-time systems. The team has been together for more than five years and represents some of the best talent and expertise in the world for applying technology to the big, fast moving data problems emerging today. For more information, visit:


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Release Summary

ICG Solutions launches LUX2016, a new solution based on the LUX analytics platform.


SpeakerBox Communications
Josh Schimel, 703-287-7823