Sisters-in-Arms Unite to Battle Transvaginal Mesh (TVM) Misinformation and Pending Judicial Countdown

Victims desire to bring shadow sufferers out of their self-imposed silence and seek solutions

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--()--In what has taken shape as a classic sister solidarity story, three female strangers, united by sickness, have joined forces to educate hundreds of thousands of women across the United States who continue to suffer in silence from their trans-vaginal mesh (TVM) implants. Shari of Florida, Mica from Mississippi, and Beverly from West Virginia want women to get informed of their rights and know the judicial countdown looms on the horizon that can bring resolution to these cases. The Sisters-in-Arms are pointing women towards to get information and become empowered with knowledge against TVM ignorance, vaginal mesh erosion, and mesh bladder sling recalls. is a support forum for women to seek answers on their TVM medical and legal queries. It contains links to numerous sources of information, inspiration stories, and interviews with top doctors and health care providers.

It’s been a tough dozen years for Shari. In 2003, the Florida resident began waking to a wet bed during the night. Eventually, her urinary incontinence was soaking 10 Depends pads daily. Diagnosed with a weakened pelvic floor, she had a transvaginal mesh (TVM) implanted to help hold her bladder in place.

After a few dry years, in 2010 the incontinence, rashes, infections and pain returned. It was when her husband’s penis was sliced during intercourse in 2012 that she suspected it was a problem with the TVM implant.

“My symptoms were most unpleasant, but then my husband was hurt, and I felt so guilty and even betrayed by my doctor,” she said. “I couldn’t leave the house for fear of leaking in public. I became isolated. I didn’t exercise. I gained 100 pounds. We didn’t know what to do.”

Similarly, patients like Mica are willing to share their experience as they lived it. In her case, it was for nine cursed years.

“Being a nurse and working in a clinic at the time,” Mica explains, “I had access to a lot of medical information but there was nothing to help with my decision or to explain possible problems that might arise. The alternative procedure, requiring an abdominal incision, would have been a much better solution but it never came up. My doctors told me what I should do, and I did it.”

“These mesh products cause problems because they contract or shrink where they pull into the softer tissues,” said Michael Hulse, M.D. a Board Certified OB/GYN in the state of Georgia. “As the mesh anchor system fails, it pulls into the vagina causing pressure on the tissue that cuts through.”

“This has been a long process for me as I started having urinary incontinence in my 40’s and I tried medications, but nothing seemed to work,” said Beverly of West Virginia. “I had TVM surgery in 2009 and experienced vaginal pain and painful intercourse until I had the mesh removed in 2015 because I was too embarrassed to seek help from another physician.”

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings regarding trans-vaginal mesh (TVM) products, also known as bladder slings and vaginal mesh implants. These products, commonly used to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI), have caused a myriad of complications and side effects for women. Women who have had a mesh procedure or corrective surgery and have suffered through traumatic, painful side-effects can find out more information about this important issue at, as well as, and

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Sisters-in-Arms Unite to Battle Transvaginal Mesh (TVM) Misinformation and Pending Judicial Countdown; Victims desire to bring shadow sufferers out of their self-imposed silence and seek solutions.


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