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Immediate Release 23 July 2015

DB ETC plc (the Issuer)

(incorporated and registered in Jersey under the Companies (Jersey)

Law 1991 (as amended) with registered number 103781)

Re: Value per Security of ETC Securities Announcement

The Issuer is providing the Value per Security for the ETC Securities for the following Series as set out in the table below for 22 July 2015

Series       ISIN       Currency       Value per Security    
Series 01 - db Physical Gold ETC GB00B5840F36 USD 107.2376
Series 02 - db Physical Gold Euro Hedged ETC DE000A1EK0G3 EUR 83.4661
Series 03 - db Physical Silver ETC GB00B57Y9462 USD 144.3978
Series 04 - db Physical Silver Euro Hedged ETC DE000A1EK0J7 EUR 108.7846
Series 05 - db Physical Platinum ETC GB00B57GJC05 USD 94.2140
Series 06 - db Physical Platinum Euro Hedged ETC DE000A1EK0H1 EUR 70.5924
Series 07 - db Physical Palladium ETC GB00B5VYVZ75 USD 60.1054
Series 08 - db Physical Palladium Euro Hedged ETC DE000A1EK3B8 EUR 44.2726
Series 09 - db Physical Gold ETC (EUR) DE000A1E0HR8 USD 107.3007
Series 10 - db Physical Silver ETC (EUR) DE000A1E0HS6 USD 144.5297
Series 11 - db Physical Rhodium ETC GB00B684MW17 USD 78.7634
Series 12 - db Physical Rhodium ETC (EUR) DE000A1KJHG8 EUR 72.1540
Series 13 - db Physical Gold GBP Hedged ETC GB00B68FL050 GBp 657.0463
Series 16 – db Physical Gold CHF Hedged ETC DE000A1R4RS2 CHF 97.9556

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DB ETC plc

Short Name: DB ETC Plc
Category Code: MSC
Sequence Number: 476385
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20150723T142817+0100


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