JDA Order Promiser Enhancements Deliver the “Selfie” Supply Chain in Real Time to Today’s Customer Segments of One

Extended capabilities include synchronization between order management and order promising, enabling seamless supply chain strategies and more profitable customer relationships

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--Increased competition is placing pressure on companies in every industry to maximize their customer service levels and meet ambitious delivery schedules. Yet a corresponding increase in supply chain complexity — including multiple production sites and frequent handoffs — makes it difficult for planners to make reliable and profitable customer delivery date commitments, while offering differentiated service levels to different customer segments.

To answer this challenge, JDA Software Group, Inc. has announced innovative new capabilities in JDA® Order Promiser™ that seamlessly integrate order promising with overall order management activities across the global supply chain. This tight coupling provides higher levels of customer satisfaction by delivering more segmented and profitable supply chain strategies.

Today’s “selfie” supply chains are evolving to segments of one — increasing the need for companies to provide differentiated, yet profitable, fulfillment to individual customers. Going forward, three key competencies will define supply chain leadership: profitable omni-channel commerce, intelligent fulfillment and adaptable manufacturing. Companies need to offer personalized, differentiated “selfie-like” customer experience, while balancing customer value expectations against cost-to-serve.

Part of JDA’s Manufacturing Planning solution set, JDA Order Promiser is a high-availability, fault-tolerant, 24/7 solution that supports all buy/sell transactions where the question of product availability must be answered quickly. It flexibly allocates supply to demand channels and then promises that supply to customer orders based on factors such as material availability, production capacity and constraints, manufacturing efficiencies, yields and lot sizes. This order fulfillment solution provides not only forward-looking visibility, but also maximizes flexibility by delaying the commitment to manufacture as long as possible.

“JDA Order Promiser enables companies to meet the ambitious delivery schedules required to satisfy customers — while also minimizing inventory investments and logistics costs,” said Jim Roadifer, product director, Order Management and Promising at JDA Software. “As orders move through the supply chain and conditions change, this solution receives ongoing updates and ensures that the promised delivery date is achieved. With the new capabilities in this release, JDA customers can expect to increase their ‘delivered on-time’ metrics and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, while keeping their cost-to-serve as low as possible.”

New features in JDA Order Promiser include:

  • Improved synchronization for one view of all order promising activities. JDA Order Promiser can now act as a single, highly available interface that manages requests and responses from multiple order management systems, simplifying integration for companies that use multiple order management systems or have their supply chain split by region. In addition to getting real-time promises from JDA Order Promiser, order management systems can now send real-time information about shipments, delays and other events to JDA Order Promiser. JDA Order Promiser will accurately manage the open portion of an order during subsequent supply planning cycles. All transactions are stored in a single database, allowing centralized data extraction and analysis.
  • Accommodate local operating hours in a global enterprise. Traditionally, technology systems have extracted orders for supply planning across the global supply chain at a single point in time, which may be outside the normal operating hours of some facilities. JDA Order Promiser now allows each region to perform its extraction at a convenient local time. This new “multi-zone catch-up” feature from JDA reduces the amount of time that order promising is not available to planners in each zone by determining which orders need to be re-promised and re-promising them against the latest supply plan.
  • Tighter out-of-the-box integration with SAP systems. Recognizing that many of its customers rely on SAP for enterprise resource planning, JDA Order Promiser integrates tightly with SAP ECC 6.0 for managing shipment workflows and real-time order status updates. This out-of-the-box integration enables the automation of order management activities such as changing planned shipments, cancelling planned shipments, and performing or reversing post goods issues.

According to Roadifer, these new features represent JDA’s most recent efforts to increase customer value and maximize the return on their investment in JDA solutions. “Our order promising capabilities are market leading, and we continue to add features that help our customers improve their delivery date reliability — maximizing both profitability and customer satisfaction. Thanks to real-time integration with existing order management systems, users of JDA Order Promiser can make and achieve aggressive delivery commitments — without having to expedite shipments or over-invest in inventory.”

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JDA Software Group, Inc.
Jolene Peixoto, +1 978-475-0524
Director, Corporate Communications


JDA Software Group, Inc.
Jolene Peixoto, +1 978-475-0524
Director, Corporate Communications