Quest Diagnostics and HealthTap Launch First Ever Virtual Diagnostic Testing for Healthcare Consumers

HealthTap enables its network of doctors to access Quest’s health testing services and patient service centers to deliver virtual care

PALO ALTO, Calif. & MADISON, N.J.--()--HealthTap, the world’s largest, most trusted digital health hub, providing 24/7 immediate access to personalized, high-quality information and virtual medical care from 71,000 U.S. doctors, and Quest Diagnostics (NYSE:DGX), the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, today announced a collaboration that will enable doctors to order diagnostic testing services for patients through HealthTap’s comprehensive virtual care platform. This is the first ever partnership between a major national medical laboratory provider and an end-to-end virtual care company, which will enable doctors and consumers to access a broad range of diagnostic service options to help care for patients in a virtual setting.

Through the collaboration, HealthTap’s network of doctors will be able to seamlessly order laboratory testing for patients who seek virtual consults via HealthTap. Doctors will have access to Quest’s network of medical and scientific experts and comprehensive menu of diagnostic test services, including commonly ordered laboratory tests ranging from diabetes screening, cardiovascular risk assessment, hepatitis C screening, and tests for many other critical health conditions.

“Our mission is to help billions everywhere live healthier, happier lives. Today we pass a significant milestone in enabling the most comprehensive access to health-related information available, including lab testing, results, and doctor evaluations, right from the convenience of a mobile device or personal computer,” says Ron Gutman, chief executive officer, HealthTap. “By combining virtual care from the world’s largest network of top doctors with a comprehensive testing menu and convenient network of patient service centers provided by Quest Diagnostics, it’s easier to get a meaningful snapshot of your health. The future of healthcare is based on a deeper understanding of personal health data, and we’re excited to provide the technology infrastructure that will enable immediate, affordable, accessible, data driven care.”

Diagnostic tests can improve consumers’ ability to manage their health and well-being, and enable providers and consumers to engage in proactive and reactive care. A survey of physicians across the U.S. found that the average doctor wait-time is 18 ½ days, and multiple in-person doctor appointments may be necessary in some cases before testing can be ordered and interpreted. Through the collaboration with HealthTap and Quest:

  • A patient and a doctor can connect instantly, 24/7, from any mobile device or web connection and, if medically indicated, expect the physician to order a diagnostic immediately.
  • Routine tests can be done quickly after a patient visits one of Quest’s patient service centers, the largest network of its kind in the United States.
  • Ordering doctors can view the results directly via HealthTap’s secure platform, help patients interpret their results, and provide appropriate medical advice, treatment, and prescriptions at a much faster pace, improving patient care and outcomes.
  • Patients may also view the results from the convenience of their mobile device or personal computer via HealthTap’s secure platform or the MyQuest™ app.

”Virtual healthcare is a growing avenue for patients to receive quality care, supplementing the traditional in-person doctor consult. Through this collaboration with HealthTap, we will help provide important medical services to the growing number of digital healthcare patients for whom office visits represent a barrier to care,” says Lidia Fonseca, senior vice president and CIO, Quest Diagnostics. "By leveraging our expertise in health IT, powerful electronic ordering and workflow capabilities, award-winning electronic health record, MyQuest patient health app, interactive insights and test reports, Quest can deliver sophisticated diagnostic solutions to inform comprehensive virtual care approaches.”

“This collaboration enables HealthTap and Quest Diagnostics to address barriers that have historically produced major gaps in care in the United States in a cost-effective way,” says Dr. Jay Wohlgemuth, senior vice president and chief healthcare officer, HealthTap. “Although it is well established that diagnostic testing strategies for cardiovascular risk, infectious diseases, and other areas can improve care and prevent complications, these interventions don’t always reach as many patients as they potentially could. The first step in alleviating this gap in care is to get people at risk to the doctor. Improved access to specialists through virtual care combined with Quest’s testing solutions will have a significant positive impact in enabling greater access, reducing wait times and accelerating care.”

Virtual healthcare incorporates telehealth or telemedicine, which involves a provider and a patient meeting virtually, and the exchange of medical information and engagement tools from one site to another via electronic communications, including two-way video, email, smartphones, wearables and other forms of telecommunications technology and cloud based services.

For more information on how to get started with HealthTap and connect with a doctor about diagnostic testing, visit or download the app for free from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Release Summary

HealthTap enables its network of doctors to access Quest Diagnostics health testing services and patient service centers to deliver virtual care.


Christina Dunham, 415-409-8161