Health Connexions™ Announces Partnership with Body1 to Advance its Innovative System to Help Patients Find a Doctor

-- Disruptive New Physician Finder Technology Improves Access to Optimal Health Care --

Disruptive New Physician Finder Technology Improves Access to Optimal Health Care (Graphic: Business Wire)

BOSTON--()--Health Connexions™ is announcing a partnership with Body1, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) to advance Body1’s Physician Finder System. This disruptive new tool breaks down barriers for medical firms, physicians and health care organizations, while helping patients to more easily find a doctor and the medical care they need.

The Physician Finder System is an innovative product that matches patients with the best physicians, based on the patient’s needs. To better ‘match up’ patients and help them find a doctor, the Physician Finder allows physicians to showcase their unique abilities and specialties, thereby directing more patients to their clinic for various medical products or services.

With advanced functionality, Physician Finder can also allow patients to search a database of physicians and their practices directly from an organization’s website. An example would be a company that is offering a new product or service, but only has a limited number of physicians who have been trained on how to offer this new opportunity to patients. Public Health departments can also utilize the Physician Finder to direct patients to physicians who have been authorized to provide particular services.

Health consumers are increasingly seeking to find a doctor who has a specialized skill set, offers specific services, or has an affiliation with certain organizations. Likewise, physicians aim to find the patients that need their specialized services. Built with state-of-the-art technology, Physician Finder streamlines this effort by connecting patients to the right physician.

Creating an easy system for health consumers to connect with the best physicians is the vision and goal of this new partnership between Body1 and Health Connexions. To this end, as a cloud-based software platform, Physician Finder is incorporated directly, easily, and quickly into any website, allowing increased customer interaction as they strive to find a doctor that best suits their needs.

Moreover, with sophisticated analytics, Physician Finder sends regular reports to the physician, allowing each physician to gain insight on how to best serve their patients’ needs and grow their practice. These reports show the number of visits to physician profiles, websites, office information and biographies. It also shows the amount of relevant geographic searches that did or did not result in a new patient for the practice.

With the Physician Finder, medical organizations, whether hospitals or suppliers of services or products, also receive detailed reports on aggregate traffic flow to each physician, practice, clinic, and region, to better fine-tune marketing and education efforts. Various organizations, such as those offering medical devices, enhanced diagnostics, new medications, nutritional counseling, disease-specific care programs, specialized procedures, etc., can provide better access to improved healthcare for patients with the Physician Finder. The organizations and health providers that utilize this system will realize both revenue and productivity increases based on appropriate physician, medical technology or health care service utilization.

Patients indicate Physician Finder is easy-to-use, as it is accessible from either a desktop or a mobile device. They can search to find a doctor using Physician Finder’s geo-coded maps, which can also display driving directions. Furthermore, patients can communicate directly to physicians through the service, i.e., Physician Finder can relay email inquiries to physicians, practices or clinics in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.

“We are pleased to be partnering to offer this revolutionary new tool,” said Dawn Van Dam, President and CEO of Health Connexions. “By connecting patients with the right physicians, we will increase accessibility to optimal healthcare services for every patient. Our mandate is to identify and solve the issues that keep individuals from obtaining the health care they require. The Physician Finder from Body1 will transform access to care as part of this global effort.”

The Physician Finder system is scalable from two to 2 million clinicians or practitioners. Organizations ranging in size from large medical technology firms and integrated hospital networks, to walk-in clinics and small medical device manufacturers, are all expected to benefit by utilizing the Physician Finder System. Companies that embed the Physician Finder software into their website will more effectively attract the right patients, thereby realizing revenue gains based on more cost-effective targeting.

“The Physician Finder system is currently matching over 140,000 local physicians with patients across more than 20 countries,” said Chris Messina, CEO of Body1, Inc. “In just one example in a current Physician Finder implementation, patients are empowered to connect with innovative global cancer treatment specialists. This type of initiative can help to save lives. Consequently, we are thrilled to be working with Health Connexions to make this tool available to more clinicians and healthcare organizations to highlight the products and services they offer.”

Another deployment of the Physician Finder system helps patients in the United States connect with local vascular surgeons for varicose vein surgery. This disruptive new technology will transform how patients find a doctor and help them gain increased access to health care practitioners around the world.

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Health Connexions™
Dawn Van Dam, 416-402-8274
President & CEO

Release Summary

Health Connexions partners with Body1 to advance the innovative Physician Finder and improve access to optimal health care by enabling medical firms to better ‘match up’ patients with an ideal doctor.


Health Connexions™
Dawn Van Dam, 416-402-8274
President & CEO