“Japan Day Project” a collaborative project with the Drops of God (“Les gouttes de dieu”) manga, allowing a wider audience to discover the world of wine

“KANPAI NIGHT", an official "after-work” event for Japan Expo with Japanese anison artists (theme tunes or songs from Japanese anime), including Nishimura Hiyokochan, Saki Sato and POCHI

PARIS--()--Japan Day Project is a promotions company specializing in the international distribution of Japanese subject matter, and is an official partner of Japan Expo, the largest festival dedicated to Japanese culture and entertainment in Europe. For its 2015 edition, which is being held in Paris from Thursday July 2 to Sunday July 5, Japan Expo will provide an opportunity to discover various aspects of Japanese culture, from traditional cuisine (which was included on Unesco's Cultural Heritage list in 2013) to songs from anime.

As part of Japan Expo, Japan Day Project will use its stand to promote Japanese artwork to the media and purchasers. Among the various scheduled events is the proposed collaboration with Drops of God, a manga masterpiece which triggered a wine craze in Japan and worldwide. Tasting sessions for visitors have also been planned.

KANPAI NIGHT, the official "after-work” event for Japan Expo, will allow visitors to finish the evening in a celebratory way. This DJ event is provided in collaboration with the organizers of Japan Expo, and with ASOBISYSTEM co.ltd. – one of the major players in the promotion nationally and internationally of the "kawaii" culture of Tokyo's Harajuku district through cult figures like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and it will be hosted by Japanese anison (anime songs) artists, including Nishimura Hiyokochan, Saki Sato and POCHI.

More information on the project is available at: http://JapanDay.jp/

  • Summary of the Japan Day Project
    • Partnership with Japan Expo
      • Setting up a Japan Day Project stand
        • Date: Thursday July 2 to Sunday July 5
        • Location: Within the Japanese food area at Japan Expo
        • Purpose:
          • Collection and distribution of information on the subject matter presented by the Japanese companies participating in Japan Expo.
          • Collaboration with the Drops of God manga (including tasting sessions).
        • “KANPAI NIGHT”, an official "after work” event for Japan Expo
          • Date: Thursday July 2 - Saturday July 4, 6:00pm to 11:00pm
          • Place: Soixante-Dix-Neuf (Club79)
            22 Rue Quentin-Bauchart, 75008 Paris
          • Purpose: anime event focusing on anison (anime songs)
          • Invited artists: Nishimura Hiyokochan, Saki Sato, POCHI, etc.
          • Entry: free (drinks not included)
  • Japan Day Project decorated buses
    From Monday, June 29, buses decorated with Japan Day Project visuals will circulate around Paris to promote these events. The publicity images, on a black and white background, will be effective drivers for “kawaii” images of the Japan Expo events.
    • Duration: 7 days from Monday, June 29 to Sunday, July 5
    • Times 1:00pm – 9:00pm
    • 2 decorated buses
    • Maximum capacity per bus: 45 passengers
  • Drops of God (written by Tadashi Aji with artwork by Shu Okimoto)

    This manga was entered in the Angoulême Official Selection 2009, and its dedication to wine has stimulated readers (including the French) with its content full of expert wine knowledge which “even the French may not know.”
    In July 2009 in Paris, it was admitted to the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards Hall of Fame, the pantheon of books on the subject of food.
    In January 2010, the two authors – writer Tadashi Agi, and artist Shu Okimoto - were the first Japanese people to receive the Special Award of the Year (Grand Prix) of the Revue du Vin de France (French Wine Review) for their outstanding contributions in promoting wine.

    Drops of God (Synopsis)
    Yutaka Kanzaki, an eminent critic who has played a crucial role in determining the market value of wine, dies, leaving a collection of bottles with a total value of 2 billion yen. The jewel in this exceptional collection is a legendary wine known as the Drops of God.
    According to Kanzaki’s will, his estate will go to the person who can identify the thirteen great wines selected by the deceased: the 12 "apostles" and a thirteenth mystery wine, the Drops of God. Shizuku, Kanzaki's son, and Issei Tomine, Kanzaki’s adopted son, who is already recognized for his talent as a critic, embark on the "duel of the apostles."
  • Artists expected at “KANPAI NIGHT”

    <Nishimura Hiyokochan>
    For a previous Japan Expo, she took part in a stage event that wowed the audience. She has taken her DJ imitation performances all over: camelot, WAREHOUSE, ageHa and even surprise concerts in the street. Her DJ techniques mimicking the dripping of ramen noodles are unique. With her performance, she aims to bring a smile to the faces of the DJ and VJ and the people in the room. She has taken part in many big events: SUMMER SONIC OSAKA, HIBIKI MUSIC FESTIVAL, m-flo BONENKAI.

    <Saccho (Saki Sato)>
    With her own original world and innate sense of style, she is an exclusive model for ZIPPER fashion magazine.
    In addition to taking part in various fashion events, she has appeared in artists’ videos and collaborations with clothing brands, etc.
    She performs as a DJ both in Tokyo and throughout Japan.

    POCHI is rapidly increasing in popularity with her poppy, original style and kawaii look.
    Under the name of DJ POCHI, she takes part in numerous club events and thrills the room with anison and music by Japanese idols. She has previously participated in Japan Expo.
  • About the “Japan Day Project”
    Japan Day Project is a new creative project which aims to put Japanese culture and industries on the global map. The special feature of Japanese culture, which combines a "tradition" which is unique in the world and rapidly developed "innovation", has attracted the attention of the whole world.
    As part of this project, and to further promote the development of Japanese cultural industries abroad, we rely on Exhibitions with significant media content and international business meetings or global cultural events to make the public aware of Japanese culture and its industries.
    Please visit http://JapanDay.jp/ for more information.
  • What is Japan Expo?
    As a flagship event for Japanese culture and entertainment, Japan Expo provides an outstanding opportunity to discover Japan via events presenting different aspects of its traditional and modern culture and the most avant-garde innovations from Japan.
    A wide range of events focusing on manga, J-Music, Cosplay or martial arts is on offer to visitors who can learn about Japan’s traditional and pop culture “while having fun". The festival is organized with a great many stands staffed by publishers of manga, anime and video games, boutiques and stands featuring young designers inspired by Japanese culture, and more than 150 booths of fan journals. The major events include fashion shows, live music, film screenings, Cosplay and karaoke competitions, video game tournaments, martial arts demonstrations and workshops, talk shows, and autograph sessions with invited guests. Each edition of the festival is hosted by the mangaka - manga artists - directors, writers and musicians from Japan who take the opportunity to communicate with visitors who are fans of their creations.

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Press Contact:
Fort et Clair
Laurence Desmousseaux/Victor Manciet
+33 146 333 076


Press Contact:
Fort et Clair
Laurence Desmousseaux/Victor Manciet
+33 146 333 076