Rise Lands Private-Flight Sharing in Europe

Members Benefit From Unlimited Travel Between London And European Cities

DALLAS--()--Fly-all-you-want membership air travel company Rise, announces its first phase of international expansion, commencing operations in Europe in early 2016.

Rise, already operating in the U.S., will debut its innovative air travel concept, Private-flight Sharing™, in Europe with multiple daily scheduled non-stop flights between London and European cities including Dublin, Edinburgh, Brussels and Paris. With this expansion, U.S. Rise members will have the opportunity to upgrade their membership to include flight privileges in the U.K.

The Rise experience is tailored with the member in mind. When members arrive, they are greeted by name and a smile from a Rise Representative. Everything is taken care of from specific drink and snack preferences on-board to ground transportation waiting planeside at their arrival destination.

Rise members pay a single monthly fee and fly as often as they want on private planes with other members.

Rise has a distinctive business model, which is driving rapid growth:

  • Rise is a membership organization – the Rise experience is engineered around the members who use it. Rise uses private aircraft, central airports, and employs enhanced operating standards to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort, with no intrusive security or time consuming queues.
  • Rise uses a bespoke technology platform - Members can book a flight in seconds using its “Membership Air Travel Information System”, the proprietary Rise technology that powers the Rise experience from flight booking to flight operations. This manages member profiles, member preferences, flight management, route management, availability of seats, and wait lists for flights.
  • Rise offers a unique hybrid model – Flights are operated by third party operators.

Rise appeals to conscientious business travellers that are focused on saving time and cost. Rise members report an average three hours saved per round trip, and a monthly membership is comparable to the cost of flying frequent commercial.

“When we launched Rise in the U.S. in 2015, our goal was to make Rise rapidly scalable, allowing us to take this innovative concept to frequent business travellers around the world. Our expansion into the UK is simply a realization of that goal. Our proprietary technology and our enhanced operations standards, already in use in Texas, allow us to license and export our brand, our technology and our experience to just about anywhere,” says Nick Kennedy, Co-founder of Rise, and the Chairman and CEO of Rise US Holdings, LLC

“The UK and European market is crying out for better business travel. We will be rolling out multiple routes during 2016 and we are going to shake up business travel in the same way that Über has shaken up taxis and Airbnb has disrupted the hotel market,” says Aamer A. Sarfraz, Chairman of Rise Europe Ltd.

“We are witnessing an epoch defining moment in technological progress. This progress is being matched by accelerating changes in consumer expectations, and profoundly disruptive business models are emerging as a consequence. Uber has shaken up the established taxi industry, and Airbnb is reshaping the hotels business. Now Rise, a technology company at heart, promises to do the same for business travel,” comments Rod Perry, former Global Head of Venture Capital at 3i, and former Chairman of PartyGaming Plc.

Visit www.iflyrise.co.uk for more information and www.iflyrise.com for more detailed information.

About Rise

Rise US Holdings, LLC is an air travel membership company founded to serve the needs of frequent air travellers. Rise currently operates multiple daily flights between cities in the southwest United States, and will be expanding to include more U.S. flights as well as other international markets in the coming months.


Rise US Holdings, LLC
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Release Summary

Fly-all-you-want membership air travel company Rise, announce international expansion in Europe in 2016. Members benefit from unlimited travel between London and European cities.


Rise US Holdings, LLC
Clynt Taylor, 844-359-7473 Ext. 701